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StaffSpotlight BLAIR Dinsdale Blair completed his Bachelors Degree in Biology in 2012 at Minot State University then went on to complete Has Masters Degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Manitoba in 2016. During his time in school Blair developed an interest in Orthopaedics, Manual Therapy, Exercise and Physical Literacy and has continued to expand his knowledge in these areas through continuing education courses. Blair aims to empower people that he works with and give them the tools they need to get rid of their pain, utilizing and active and functional approach to give you the tools to take control of your pain and to optimize your movement. While attending Minot State University, Blair also played Football, which helped develop his interest

in weight lifting and exercise. He aims to practice what he preaches and continuously is refining his exercises that

he prescribes at the gym. He also enjoys spending his time Hiking, Biking and Canoeing in the wilderness that Manitoba offers. Credentials • BA in Biology • Master of Physical Therapy, University of Manitoba • McKenzie Part A • Ortho Level 1


“Improve Your Performance Without Suffering From Joint Pain!” DON’T SUFFER WITH PAIN

Do you suffer from knee, hip or leg pain? You are not alone. CDC studies show that 30% of adults have reported some form of knee, hip or ankle joint stiffness or pain in a 30 day period. The hip and knee joints are incredible marvels of the human body. At times they have to withstand up to 6 times your body weight in force. The knee joint is the second most complicated joint in the body and has to move in many directions including forward,backward,side tosideand rotation.Thesedifferent movements are called accessory motions and are needed for normal walking, running and bending. When you experience pain in the side of the hip, groin, thigh or knee, you may havedifficultywith theseaccessorymotions.Prolongedsitting, injuries,arthritis and disease can affect accessory motions. With every day use, tissues around the hip and knee joints tighten, leading to a gradual loss of motion. This causes a lot of pressure to build up on specific parts of the joints. When Your Motion is Lost Whenyou lose themovementof thehip,kneeorankle joints,yourmuscleshave to takeon theabnormalstrain.This leads tocommonachesandpainsexperienced by millions of people. Many people feel that medication will help solve their hip, knee or leg pain. While medication can help to decrease inflammation and pain, it cannot address the root cause of the problem. Most pain in the hip, thigh, knee or leg comes from poor flexibility, strength or coordination. Treating Leg Pain To determine the source of your leg pain our physical therapists examine your walking, squatting, joint movement, comparing the strength and mobility of the joints. A comprehensive treatment plan, including special hands on techniques, is made to achieve the fastest relief and the longest lasting results. If you are suffering with hip, knee or leg pain, call us today to learn more how we can eliminate your pain and put a spring back in your step!

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Attention Pain Sufferers! FREE Low Back Pain & Sciatica Workshop Reveals How to Naturally Reduce Pain.

• Do you suffer with back or neck pain when you stand or walk? • Do you have pain when you get out of bed in the morning? • Do you experience pain, numbness or tingling into your butt, groin or down your back? • Does your back ever “go out” if you move the wrong way? • Are you afraid your pain will get worse if you don’t do anything about it? If you said yes, you need to come to our

FREE Low Back Pain & Sciatica Workshop at NRG Athletes Therapy Fitness Inc. on Wednesday July 12, 2017 at 7:15 pm.

Do you, or someone you know, suffer from low back pain or sciatica? Then check out our upcoming FREE Low Back Pain & Sciatica scheduled for July 12th, 2017 at 7:15 pm in our clinic. What you will learn; 1. The common mistake pain sufferers make which actually stops them from healing… 2. The 3 most common causes of low back pain… 3. How a problem in your back can cause pain, numbness or tingling in your neck…

Seats are limited so call to register today! 204-783-9578

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I’ve consistently been getting better and better!

“I’vebeengoingtoNRGfor3yearsnowdoingstrengthandconditioning and I’ve consistently been getting better and better. NRG has helped me get to the next level every year and I have nothing but good things to say about NRG!” -Cody G. CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT! 204.783.9578

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