Saline County Library Strategic Plan 2022-2025

APPENDIX A: KEY INFLUENCER INTERVIEW FINDINGS 4. What are some things that need to happen to create that kind of change? 5. In your opinion, what are the greatest opportunities you see for Saline County? 6. How does the library help the community? 7. What can the library do to assist in building the community you envision? 8. Do you view the library as more educational or recreational? Do you wish it was different? 9. Regarding library services, do you think there are geographical areas of Saline County that are underserved? Do you think there are population groups that are underserved? QUESTIONS: 1. What kind of community do you want to live in? 2. Why is that important to you? 3. How is that different from how you see things now?

“I would love to live in a community that has equity and equality for all. This is important to me because you don’t know what you don’t know until someone presents it to you. There are a lot of opportunities out there that many may not be aware of, and it’s important for everyone to know what is available. If everyone is informed, then everyone is on a fair playing ground.” - LaRhonda Fulcher, Adul t Educat ion Director for UAPTC

THEMES: • Be inclusive - Have materials readily available for: 1. Spanish speakers 2. Underprivileged community 3. Homeless community 4. Deaf community 5. Veterans 6. People with disabilities 7. BIPOC/LGBTQ+ communities • Be all-around supportive of the community • Better Internet around the community/outlying areas • Put out some generic community surveys, not so library-focused • Reach the young adult population • We want to keep them here after graduation • Neighborhood pop-up libraries • Partner with adult learning centers • Patrons feel like outlying communities are put on the backburner

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