Saline County Library Strategic Plan 2022-2025

What do you think is most important to a patron’s library experience? Please rate these aspects from 1 being most important to 8 being least important. 6. 1. Being able to easily find what they want 2. Having staff be helpful 3. Accessible website and catalog 4. Well-planned programs 5. New items in the collection 6. Areas to study and/or socialize 7. Providing outreach events and library card sign-ups 8. Getting in and out quickly Describe a community need we meet well. 7. - All of the changes to the collection and catalog give patrons increased access to materials: genrefying the J and non-fiction collection, expanding the Spanish language collection, joining Mid-Ark, reallocating money from print to digital, new library of things items. - Moved large print upstairs to be more accessible to those patrons that regularly read these. - Adapting to the coronavirus. Providing a computer and internet place. - Normally we offer high quality children’s programs that no one else can match and have a place for parents, especially homeschoolers, to socialize. - We were able to update our website well to allow easier user access - Gaining feedback & insight from the community - Providing access during the pandemic. - Homeschool programming - We enrich lives in the community through knowledge and entertainment. - School support and outreach - DVDs - I think we have done an awesome job during the Corona Virus at keeping the community involved with the library. Especially with the limitations/rules we have to abide. - Access to free forms of entertainment (reading, movies, craft kits...) - The youth and kids - Letting people know what we have available - Aside from the disaster that was 2020, we do a lot of amazing youth programs, which our families love. - Homeschool families - Youth interaction - Adapting to the new normal of the pandemic and providing curbside service - Providing digital resources - Homeschool families - Access to online resources - Providing quality programs and materials for patrons.

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