Saline County Library Strategic Plan 2022-2025

Describe a community need you would like to see met 8. - Expand knowledge of the library and services/resources offered - Improve Makerspace items and usage. We have many items in there that patrons/staff don’t know about or use. - Educating the public in how to navigate the library - More inclusion of patrons with special needs and patrons who don’t have internet at home. - More people need to learn about the benefits of a library. I met someone who didn’t know the library had movies! - Reaching Seniors, College Students, & Special Needs Community more. - Spanish speakers - Reaching more of the county with our resources and being able to engage more people in our great programs. - A website that is easier to navigate and less cluttered - Art and Sculpture - Help finding the local animal strays a good and loving home - Free community meeting space for groups or clubs - People with special needs - I would like to see more outreach for vulnerable populations like the homeless. Creating and advertising the food pantry was a good start, but I feel there’s more we can do. - Young adults 18-25 - Providing library services to outlying areas of the county & underserved populations in Benton & Bryant - Adult interaction - Programming for all ages - Expand Collaboration with Middle/Junior/High Schools - I would like to see us expand our pantry capabilities. - Outside activities How do you prefer to get feedback from patrons? 9. 1 - SCL Help - 8% 1


2 - Facebook - 8% 3- In-Person - 32% 4- Surveys - 52%



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