Saline County Library Strategic Plan 2022-2025

OVERVIEW OF THE PROCESS To make sure the Saline County Library continues to improve for our patrons and the community, we began a new strategic planning process in February 2021. We began gathering information about the community and its needs after we held a strategic planning committee organizational meeting with some of our staff members. This information-gathering aspect included looking at analytics, staff focus groups, and interviews and surveys with the community. Using the 2020 Census, we did a thorough analysis of the community and demographics. This showed us different groups in the community based on lifestyle and demographics. We then held staff focus groups over Zoom during the pandemic to get big-picture ideas and ways that our staff thought we could better serve the community. Starting in July, our administrative staff interviewed key influencers and community leaders across the county to get an idea of what kind of community they want to see. To get a better idea of what our community wanted, we did a Facebook and eBlast survey which was focused on our facilities and space needs, as well as desired services and collections, to which we received 250 responses. Soon after, the strategic planning committee met once more to brainstorm our new measurable goals within the big-ticket ideas based on our findings from the information-gathering portion. The Saline County Library Strategic Plan 2022-2025 is the result of getting to know our community and its needs in order to better serve the area.

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