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THE HATING GAME Resolving to achieve professional success, without compromising her ethics, Lucy embarks on a ruthless game of one-upmanship against cold and efficient nemesis Joshua, a rivalry that is complicated by her growing attraction to him. A rom-com that dares to be – gasp! – genuinely sexy, adapted from the X-rated Sally Thorne novel. Lucy Hale, Austin Stowell, Corbin Bernson. PREMIERES 13TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE GOLD Two men find the biggest gold nugget ever discovered and must find a way to excavate it. However, doubt and greed begin to creep in as the two put their plan into motion. Australian thriller. Zac Efron, Susie Porter, Anthony Hayes, Sam Worthington PREMIERES 20TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE

ONE SECOND During the Cultural Revolution a prisoner escapes, desperate to see his daughter in a film. He sets off for a village cinema and crosses paths with a homeless girl who is also desperate to see the movie – so she can steal it – and the film that drives them on becomes the root of an unexpected friendship. PREMIERES 1ST  CLICK TO SEE MORE THE 355 When a top-secret weapon falls into mercenary hands, a CIA agent joins forces with three international operatives to find it. Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Diane Kruger, Penelope Cruz. PREMIERES 13TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE SCREAM Twenty-five years after the original series of murders, a new killer emerges, and Sidney Prescott must return to Woodsboro to find the truth. Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette. PREMIERES 13TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE MORBIUS One of Marvel’s most compelling and conflicted characters: the enigmatic antihero Dr Michael Morbius is dangerously ill and tries a radical treatment. While at first it seems to be a success, a darkness inside him is unleashed. Jared Leto, Matt Smith. PREMIERES 27TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE

The 355 Premieres 13th

Morbius Premieres 27th

Gold Premieres 20th

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