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MAR 2018


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I didn’t have cable TV until college. Prior to this, instead of spending our days indoors watching reruns of “Batman” and “The Brady Bunch,” my sister and I spent most of our time outside. We probably also have the lack of TV to thank for the full athletic scholarships we got. Our family was always pretty active, and basketball was the game. I was what you call a ‘gym rat.’ I loved to play and practice, and it didn’t feel like work to me. I enjoyed the focus and solitude of shooting baskets in the gym by myself and learning new drills with my team. I still have stacks of the Michael Jordan DVDs that I’d watch outside of practice. That’s where I first learned about visualization. Visualization is a huge part of basketball. In my head, I’d play out every scenario that could happen in a game. Plays, drills, and ultimately a win ran through my mind. I’d close my eyes and picture our team going through a play, me scoring a 3-pointer, and all of us outmaneuvering the competition. Visualizing is such an incredible tool because you’re able to mentally prepare yourself for the unexpected. By doing so, you know how to respond when it happens. You learn to play by instinct. Even if I’d never encountered a specific situation before, I’d been there a million times in my mind. When I contemplate the areas where I’ve been successful, I think about the hours of preparation that went into them. When we won a game, it wasn’t because our team got lucky. It was because of the hours and hours of drills. When I scored a basket, all the hours of mental and physical preparation were at the root of it. It’s been similar with my law practice. When I’m in the courtroom, I’m ready for even the most unexpected question to come up, because I’ve imagined it. During the trial, I can perform something of a mental autopsy on my case and react quickly to surprises because I’ve considered every angle. MAKE THE MOST OF THE OPPORTUNITIES YOU’RE GIVEN LUCK AND BASKETBALL

imagine there was some luck involved in my journey. If I hadn’t done a personal injury internship in law school, and then later ran into a family friend while I was jogging in our neighborhood who referred me to a personal injury law firm, maybe I wouldn’t be practicing personal injury law today. But you can’t rely on luck to get you through life. It depends on what you do with what you’re given. When I ran into the family friend, they passed on my information to the law firm. When I didn’t hear anything from them, I followed up and contacted them, leading me to my first law job. I followed through and did the work. When I played basketball, I spent hours in the gym perfecting my shot. Luck may play a part in how we got to where we are, but just as important is making use of the opportunities that come your way. Trust your instincts and make the most of the opportunities you’re given. –Russell Button

Sixty days after getting my attorney’s license, I tried my first personal injury case. I loved it, and I’ve never looked back. Is that luck? I



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