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December 2018

Daisy the Office Dog Comforting Our Clients Is Essential

The end of the year is here at last and it has me reflecting on what our firm has accomplished in 2018. As many of you know, our firm started over 30 years ago. It was operated for many years under the leadership of one attorney, and he eventually decided to take his practice a step further and expand throughout the country. He began recruiting knowledgeable attorneys all over the country to work for him, and the firm grew in size and success. Eventually that attorney stepped down and Thomas-Walters was formed by several of the attorneys associated with the original firm, including myself. to grow on our own. When this firm was established in North Texas, we only had one office, but now we have three offices in the local area that I operate and several other offices operated by attorneys with the firm. Earlier this year, we moved into a larger office for our location in Granbury, and we opened a third office in Weatherford. We are also excited to announce that another attorney, Ashley Judd, has joined our team. Ashley handles final signing meetings, can answer any of your estate planning questions, and will soon begin doing educational presentations throughout the North Texas area. In addition to Ashley, we have also gained a new, fun addition to our team: Daisy the Office Dog. The idea for an office dog came to me when I began operating our office in Weatherford. I was explaining the estate planning process to a client when a giant Newfoundland named Bear walked into the room. My first worry was that he would scare the client, who was already in a stressful situation. He went right up to the client and nudged the client’s hands gently with his Thomas-Walters Estate Planning has come a long way since we branched off and started

is crucial, and Daisy plays a significant role in fostering that comfort for clients. Luckily, she is small enough that our clients can pick her up, play with her, or pet her, which helps them relax while we discuss their estate planning objectives. Finally, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website: www.Thomas-Walters. com. Be sure to check out the new site often for informative new content and information about educational events and to receive a digital copy of our newsletter. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the new site! All of us at Thomas-Walters Estate Planning, including Daisy, are here to help you with your estate planning needs. We continue to grow and the greatest compliment that you can provide to us is to refer your family and friends to our firm.

nose. The client immediately started to pet him and scratch him behind his ears. The next time I met with that client, he asked me where Bear was and told me he had been looking forward to seeing him. From this experience, I thought that an office dog would be a great addition to the team and found Daisy. We understand that estate planning can be extremely stressful, and our goal is to help people feel more relaxed when they come to us for guidance. Estate planning is often an experience that no one wants to think about and is put on the back-burner of priorities, and it is because of this that we at Thomas-Walters Estate Planning try to make it as painless and stress-free as possible. Part of our growth as a firm has been learning how to approach this often delicate subject in as light-hearted a manner as possible, to keep our clients confident and comfortable when speaking to us about their needs and estate planning objectives. Creating an atmosphere that is pleasant for the people who come to us for help

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