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My parent’s story isn’t a sensational or exceptional one. In our nation’s history, many families have made sacrifices to come to the United States. Still, I’ve found great meaning in their story and have carried it with me in my heart since I was a child. Growing up, my sisters and I dreamed of having a love like theirs. Love Across the Ocean My father, Onofrio, served in the Italian army at a time when all men were required to do two years of service. But he was itching to come to the United States. Right before his mandatory time was up, he left Italy with his two brothers. For four years, they worked in Venezuela until they were able to come to America. They moved toWarren, Michigan, and found work. Some time after settling in Michigan, he returned home to visit his parents in Italy with one of his brothers.While he was home, Onofrio was invited to a wedding. At that wedding, some friends told him he would meet a sweet, beautiful woman, and he should get to know her. Not only was my mom, Anna Maria, at that wedding, so was her best friend (now my aunt). My father and his brother met these two lovely women and were enchanted. Anna Maria began to date Onofrio, and her best friend began to date his brother. There was a catch, of course. My dad had only 30 days left in Italy. Because he had left the military just shy of his mandatory service time, staying longer would put him at risk of being apprehended by the Italian government. Knowing one another just 30 days, banking on only their feelings for one another, Anna Maria and Onofrio married. They were married in Arpino, Italy, close to my father’s hometown, and went on their honeymoon. It’s a tale of the love that kept them together. It’s also a story of believing in one another when everything else is uncertain. That woman was my mom.

Right after their honeymoon, my dad got on a ship and sailed to Ellis Island so he could become a U.S. citizen. He got his citizenship, and after five months, he was able to bring my mom over on a plane to join him. My mom took the biggest chance of her life, leaving her family and everyone she knew, to come to America with my dad. I’m so glad she did. Last year, Onofrio and Anna Maria celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Today, my parents remain as in love as they were 51 years ago. They’ve been the best parents my sisters and I could’ve asked for, and they are amazing grandparents to our children. This month, they celebrate their 51st anniversary, and I’m dedicating this newsletter to them.

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad. I love you!




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