MetroMinute October 21, 2018

October 21, 2018 Volume 2 Week 42

Did You Know that…. o You can request MyOrders access from the Owner’s Management Suite (OMS) portal: Request MyOrders Access - Simple Steps o You can request MenuWorks user access for your complex: MenuWorks User Access

Have you checked out this week’s Foodbuy weekly Price Watch? PriceWatch

Take a peek at the latest Foodbuy Factor: Foodbuy Factor

Still have questions about what vendors are considered MM approved? The info is readily available in the Model Market Vendor Book of Records, which is updated each month. Take a look here: Model Market Vendor Book of Records

Did you know the Marketing page in MyCompass has all the info we need on the following subjects? o Fall Innovation Calendar: Innovation Calendar o Retail Innovations: Retail Innovations o Residential Storytelling: Residential Storytelling o Be-A-Star: BAS

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