Essential Oil Essentials

There is nothing new about using herbs, spices, and other natural extracts to improve health, beauty, and nutrition. Using nature to heal the body has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Around 400 B.C., Hippocrates stressed the idea that diet, exercise, and overall happiness form the foundation of health. Today those same principles are just as true. To our benefit, technology has brought new and exciting ways to understand and use natural compounds to improve our overall wellbeing. Much like a cofactor or coenzyme, essential oils work by increasing the body’s natural ability to speed the chemical reactions necessary for life and vitality. Because these natural compounds are highly concentrated, very small amounts of essential Essential Oils a better way to health Essential oils are the immune and defense systems of plants. They have a biochemical structure uniquely symmetrical to cells within the body. That’s why they can have such a powerful impact on the body’s natural defenses.

oils can yield very powerful results. benefits for all ages

Essential oils have been shown to present very low risk and have few negative side effects when used properly. They are a great alternative for yourself, your children, and for the elderly. That being said, there are different methods of application for specific essential oils, each providing a unique experience and benefit to the body.

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