Horizon Star - November 2018

Study poised to put N.B., Horizon on map as “world leader” in breath-based diagnostics

Sackville Memorial Hospital Foundation exceeds $100k campaign goal

Chemicals from participants’ breath are captured in small metal tubes and sent to Picomole for analyzing.

Campaign donors and Horizon leadership and staff filled the atrium at Horizon’s Sackville Memorial Hospital to hear the results of the Accuracy is the Best Result Good Chemistry Campaign 2018.

The Sackville Memorial Hospital (SMH) Foundation recently celebrated surpassing its $100,000 fundraising goal for the Accuracy is the Best Result Good Chemistry Campaign 2018 with a donor appreciation reception in the hospital atrium and lobby. Donor dollars from the campaign, which raised a total of $107,000, were used to purchase a sophisticated Chemistry Analyzer to ensure SMH laboratory professionals are equipped with the best and most modern technology, allowing physicians to make correct diagnoses and administer timely treatment to patients. “The lab touches virtually every aspect of patient care and we needed to ensure that our lab professionals have the proper tools to do their job,” said Campaign chair Pat Estabrooks. “We’re so thankful to our volunteer campaign team, caring staff, and the many organizations and individuals who donated.” The hospital’s lab, which performs more than 61,000 tests per year, is arguably the hospital’s most vital service, and diagnostic tests are often the least expensive component of the health care pathway, yet they influence more than 70 per cent of all health care decisions.

will put New Brunswick on the map as a world leader in this field.”

It also supports proactive patient care: if health care teams are aware of a patient’s potential diagnosis of lung cancer, they can treat it sooner. The study’s first breath samples were taken in September 2017 and the study is expected to be completed in December 2018. Bernadette Clement said she signed up to participate because she’d do “anything” to help lung cancer patients like herself. A successful outcome of this study opens the door for future studies of other cancers and diseases and sets New Brunswick to be the world leader in breath-based diagnostics. Picomole develops patented and patent- pending technologies for breath analytics into the standard of care for non-invasive clinical diagnostics and personalized medicine. If you would like more information on participating in this study, please contact study coordinator Donna Fairweather at 506-648- 7852 or Donna.Fairweather@HorizonNB.ca.


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Reception attendees, which included over 100 donors and staff, were treated to a tour of the Chemical Analyzer, viewed the new “Partners in Giving Recognition” display, and enjoyed a light lunch. Elaine Smith, Foundation Board Chair, presents A Duty Toward the Living – A History of Healthcare in Tantramar to Karen McGrath, Horizon President and CEO, at the donor appreciation reception. “The SMH Foundation, Sackville Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, its staff and physicians, volunteers and its donors continue to go above and beyond for this hospital, the patients and the community,” said Horizon President and After their 1 or 5 kilometre walk (although some lost track of their laps) around the AYR Motor Centre walking track, the group enjoyed subs provided by Subway. Local businesses and artisans also donated numerous door prizes. All participants also received a bag oatmeal from the Speerville Flour Mill. “The walk provides an opportunity for past participants to reunite and catch up,” said Danica Wallace, Supervisor of Physiotherapy Services at Horizon’s Upper River Valley Hospital (URVH). “Our display board with photos of all our Cardiac Rehab groups always draws attention for past participants and the general public.” The silent auction was a huge success, bringing in $1,160 again thanks to local businesses, artisans and especially participants, some who enjoyed bidding wars. Items ranged for a four-piece patio set from Kent Building Supplies

Medical Lab Technologists Allison McKellar, left, Shawna Alberts and Angela Mundle are photographed with the new Chemistry Analyzer in the hospital’s lab, purchased with donor dollars from the campaign. CEO Karen McGrath, who spoke at the event. “You are committed, dedicated and passionate about improving the health of those around you and I cannot thank you enough for your ongoing support.” The SMH Foundation raises funds and administers its resources to preserve, maintain, and enhance the quality of health care in the Sackville and Tantramar region.

From left: Oncology patient and study participant Bernadette Clement, oncologist Dr. Tony Reiman, and oncology RN and study coordinator Donna Fairweather, are photographed surrounding Picomole’s breath-based diagnostic tool.

Horizon staff and physicians have partnered with Picomole Inc., an innovative medical technology company based in Moncton, to conduct a feasibility study to establish a link between lung cancer and the presence of certain chemicals in breath. Initial evidence showing cancer can potentially be determined through breath was first observed in a study in California with trained dogs. The dogs in the study could detect cancer with over 90 per cent accuracy, using their adept sense of smell to detect the presence or absence of chemicals in a person’s breath. Horizon oncologists Dr. Tony Reiman, who works out of Horizon’s Saint John Regional Hospital, and Dr. Mahmoud Abdelsalam at Horizon’s The Moncton Hospital, are leading the study, which will take breath samples from 100 lung cancer patients and 100 people who don’t have cancer. They will use the breath data from participants to attempt to show Picomole’s ground-breaking technology can detect the presence of cancer at rates comparable to or better than trained dogs. This is what Picomole’s technology intends to replicate.

“There are a number of studies being conducted around the world to try to apply breath-based metabolomics to determine disease; in our case we are looking at lung cancer,” said Dr. Reiman. “A successful study

Walk of Life raises almost $10k for URVH’s Cardiac Rehab Program

The Upper River Valley Cardiac Rehab program held its third successful Walk of Life fundraiser recently, raising close to $10,000. More than 60 participants enjoyed refreshments, a silent auction and an interesting line dance- inspired warm-up to Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Heart.

to a preserves and quilt basket donated by a past participant’s wife and friends. Some happy walkers show off big smiles as they walk the track at the AYRMotor Centre during the third annual Upper River Valley Cardiac RehabWalk of Life. Participants raised $5,295 through pledges, while corporate donations totalled more than $3,000, included $1,000 donations from RBC and Richwil Truck Centre Ltd. Together with the money from the silent auction, a total of $9,250 was raised.

Group of walkers pose for a photo on the tracks at the AYRMotor Centre during the third annual Upper River Valley Cardiac RehabWalk of Life.

The funds raised will help purchase an upright bike, bariatric scales and mini fridge.

Picomole’s breath-based diagnostic tool is photographed in a clinic room in Horizon’s Saint John Regional Hospital’s oncology department.

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