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By Marty Twichell , EnhanceFitness Program Coordinator, PCOA’s Healthy Living Department Happy New Year! Did you make a resolution for the coming new year?

A Matter of Balance offered in-person

J an. 10, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28, 31, Feb. 4* Mondays and Fridays 1:30 – 3:30 pm St. Mark’s United Methodist Church 1431 W. Magee Rd., Tucson, AZ

January 25, 26, Feb. 1, 2, 8, 9, 15,16* Tuesdays and Wednesdays 1:30 – 3:30 pm Posada Life Community Services 780 S. Park Centre, Green Valley, AZ

3. Get the equipment and expertise you need to succeed. If you plan to walk – good walking shoes. For exercise, find an instructor, trainer who can help. For healthy eating, consider buying pre-cut or “steam in the bag” veggies. 4. Invest in yourself but avoid breaking your budget! Make decisions that are healthy for you and your finances. You are worth the investment! 5. Consider a support system. Many people have an exercise buddy, you both are responsible to one another. Making a commitment to a class helps you show up when you don’t really feel like it. Online and in-person programs have great support systems to help. Documenting your progress may be helpful and motivating. 6. Consider meditation and relaxation techniques to help with overall stress and self- compassion. It’s easier to make healthy choices when you care about yourself. 7. Start where you are. Being grateful for what you have and where we are is a good place to start. View “improvements” as a gift you can give yourself! 8. Make 2022 a healthy, fun year for you!

Most of us make resolutions this time of year. It is good to think of things we’d like to improve or change, and it can be a time of reflection on our past year. However, change is hard, which is why less than 8% of us stick with our resolutions. According to the National Institutes of Health, (NIH), 50% of us make the resolution to exercise more and 43% of us resolve to eat healthier! If you are one in that larger group of people, consider a few suggestions to help with your changes: 1. Be specific, small, and realistic. Rather than just a general “eat healthier” goal, think about eating vegetables at every meal, limit fast food to 1-2 times a week, or switch from soda to sparkling water – just a small change. If you are not exercising, consider a 20-minute walk 3x’s a week and schedule it on your calendar. Here is a simple resolution that is realistic, easy to accomplish and can affect your overall health – drink about 1 oz. of water for each pound you weigh every day. 2. Check your motivations. Make these changes for you and be kind and patient with yourself.

Contribution Fee: $30.00 (covers your book and supplies) A Matter of Balance is being offered remotely and all you need to participate is a computer, laptop or tablet with a video camera, microphone and speakers. Many older adults experience a fear of falling. People who develop this fear often limit their activities, which can result in physical weakness, making the risk of falling even greater. A Matter of Balance is a program designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels among older adults. It includes 8 two-hour sessions for a small group of 8-15 participants led by a trained facilitator.

What do participants learn?

Who should attend?

For more information and to register contact Jennie at 520-305-3410. • Recognize fall hazards • Make changes to reduce fall risk at home • Exercise to increase strength and balance The program enables participants to achieve significant goals. They gain confidence by learning to: • Overcome the fear of falling and learn to view falls as controllable • Set goals for increasing activity

The program is designed to benefit older adults who:

• Are concerned about falls • Have sustained falls in the past • Restrict activities because of concerns about falling • Are interested in improving flexibility, balance and strength • Are age 60 or older, community-dwelling and able to problem solve

*Events subject to change due to health precautions. See page 29 for details.

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