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Tax breaks for older adults

There are three types of tax programs for which you may be eligible:

• Applications made after October 1st , 2022, may only be eligible for a reduction to the second half of 2022 property taxes. • Additional restrictions may apply, contact the Pima County Assessor Valuation Relief team for more information. **These amounts are taxable income (non-taxable Social Security and Railroad Retirement are not included as taxable income) Call PCOA Central Intake at (520)790-7262 or the Tax Assessor’s office at (520)724-8630 or in Tucson for written information and application locations. The Senior Property Valuation Freeze Option may be filed if you meet the following criteria: • At least one of the owners must be 65 years of age by September 1 of the current application year. • The property must be the primary residence of the taxpayer (primary residence is defined as “that residence which is occupied by the taxpayer for an aggregate of nine months of the calendar year”). A taxpayer can only have one primary residence. Rentals, mixed use properties, and properties over 10 acres do not qualify. • The owner must have lived and owned the home for at least two (2) years prior to applying for the option. • The household’s (owner/s and residents) total income from ALL sources, including non-taxable income, cannot exceed $40,368 for an individual property owner or $50,460 for two or more property owners. • The annual application period is from February 28 (or after receipt of annual property valuation) until September 1, 2022. Under the terms of the Senior Property Valuation Protection Option, the evaluation of the older adult’s home can be ‘frozen’ at the current year’s valuation so that the value does not increase. The Pima County Board of Supervisors may still levy additional taxes. For more details about this program, Call PCOA Central Intake at (520)790-7262 or the County Assessor’s office at (520)724-8630 in Tucson. 3


The Arizona Property Tax Refund Credit, also known as the 140PTC, may be filed if you meet the following criteria: • Arizona resident for the entire year of 2021. • Age 65 or older by 12/31/2021 or a recipient of Supplemental Security Income (SSI). • Limited household income. Call PCOA Central Intake at 520-790-7262 for income guidelines. • You paid property taxes and/or rent in 2021.

Call PCOA Central Intake at 790-7262 in Tucson for 140PTC forms, or to make an appointment for assistance in completing this form. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE PIMA COUNTY ASSESSOR OR TREASURER OFFICES REGARDING THIS FORM. This program is available during normal tax season from January through April 15, 2022. PCOA will be providing telephone appointments and some in-person appointments for assistance beginning the last week in January. Qualifications for widow/widower and disability exemption applicants: • The applicant must be a widow, widower, or 100% disabled as of January 1 of the year you are filing for exemption. • The applicant must be a permanent Arizona Resident. • The applicant must be over the age of 17. • Income limitations ** o $34,901 for applicant, including spouse’s income and/or income of children over the age of 18 who reside in the home o $41,870 for applicant with dependent children under the age of 18 residing in the home o $41,870 for applicant with a disabled son or daughter over the age of 18 residing in the home (must be certified by a licensed Arizona medical authority as totally and permanently disabled) • The Assessed Value limitation is $28,459 Residential Property for each owner. • Applicants must have owned the subject property as of January 1 of the year you are filing for exemptions. • Applicants can file for current tax year only and not for any prior years. 2

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