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I’ve been a part of the financial industry for about 30 years. Back when I was in college, I had no idea where my education and interests would take me. I went to Penn State University — a school that had a program in just about every area of study you could imagine. That’s one of the reasons I chose that school. I had no idea what I wanted to be when I “grew up” and at Penn State, I could explore to my heart’s content. I took all kinds of classes and saw what the world of academia had to offer.Then, I took an accounting class, and suddenly, everything made sense. In short, accounting just clicked. I fell in love with the class and, really, everything accounting had to offer.The reason it clicked was simple.Accounting, in many ways, is black and white. It’s numbers and math; there are right and wrong answers with no in between. I loved the lack of ambiguity.A number is a number. From there, I started my career auditing nonprofit organizations. It was a great job that brought with it a strong sense of accomplishment.As my career evolved, I knew I wanted more, though I couldn’t have imagined making the switch from auditing to more tax-based accounting. But that’s what happened.

I get to serve as an educator and help people work through the tough stuff so they can get back to what they love to do: Running their business. If they need training on QuickBooks, I’m there. If they need to outsource some CFO work, I can help. If it’s straight bookkeeping and accounting, that’s why I’m here! My priority is to meet your business’s specific needs. Though my career takes up a big part of my life, my family is incredibly important to me. I’ve raised three kids who are all out of the nest. I also have a granddaughter who’s approaching 3. Plus, I’ve been married to my best friend now for the past four years. I love them all, and I’m glad they’re each a part of my life. Looking ahead to the rest of 2018, there are so many things I’m looking forward to.When it comes to my business, I’m in the process of making a few changes. Well, I say changes, but they’re really more like upgrades. For one, we’re getting a new name: LKP Group CPA! We’ll also be getting more technical and utilizing the cloud more than we have in the past. Everything we do is with our clients in mind, whether it’s myself, Rick Dwyer, Kim Deas, or John Miller. It’s going to be a great year!

my own firm. I knew I could do more for small businesses and individuals on my own.That’s where my real passion was, helping small business owners and individuals navigate the complicated world of finances and taxes. I love that I can work directly with clients. I work with so many people who feel stressed or uncertain about dealing with the IRS or sifting through countless rules and regulations. Even seasoned business owners and entrepreneurs often find it difficult to sort through.

– Lisa Pilgrim

It was a change that began as a realization. I knew I wanted to have


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