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January 2020

Real Goals Should Scare You How to Reach the Accomplishments You DreamAbout

back at“regular”schools now, but we will all have lifetime memories of the great family experiences we shared. We got to take them to Utah to see dinosaur bones still in the rocks, to Alaska to see grizzly bears and salmon runs and the original Klondike trail, and to the East Coast to learn about American history. But we didn’t get here without a plan, and back then, these goals seemed absurdly out of reach. We worked hard to get to where we are today. Just over a decade ago, my wife and I invested in a small business. We scraped together every penny we could afford— and some pennies we couldn’t afford— and put everything into her business. We had no cash reserve to fall back on, and we couldn’t hire any employees. Instead, we were charged with molding the business night after night, staying as late as 1 a.m. many nights — cleaning, building, and pushing the business off the ground by force of will and work. Today, her business (Just Between Friends, a ski swap-style business for children’s toys, clothes, and maternity clothes) employs as many as 30 people per event. Four times each year, the whole family helps when Just Between Friends rents space at county fairgrounds inWashington and northern Idaho for large sales events. Today, we can stand back and watch over two miles of linear feet of clothes racks go up in a few hours. We used to do that all ourselves, but after years of hard work, we are in a place where others can help us do the work. When my wife bought and took over Just Between Friends, I had just graduated from law school. I had a new job as a young lawyer, but a few years later, I became a partner at a small firm. A few years after that, I began my own firm. When I set out on my own, everyone told me

Goals that don’t scare you are hardly worth setting. Goals should be daunting and make you wonder how you can ever accomplish them. They shouldn’t be something you can complete in a matter of months. Instead, they should be dreams you continually work at. About 15 years ago, my wife and I were both employees of other businesses. We had to fill out a form if we needed an hour off, and if we needed a week’s worth of vacation time, then we needed to ask months in advance. We worked hard, but that didn’t mean much for our freedom. As our family grew, we knew we wanted to make a change. We didn’t want to count down the days until our retirement. Instead, we wanted to work hard and still enjoy what we did. Wouldn’t it be great to have work you didn’t even want to retire from? Today, we have that freedom. My dog, Claire, is the office mascot and makes everyone smile when she spends the odd day here or there at the office. We also had the amazing chance to home-school our two youngest for two years and travel with themwhile working from the road when needed. They’re both

how difficult it was going to be. Essentially, you get paid as much as you work, and good luck taking a vacation when it’s just you doing all the work. They were all right —it was damn hard. But I saw those doubts as a personal challenge. I trusted I would find a like-minded team filled with people who share the same goals. There’s a saying—often attributed to Thomas Jefferson — that hangs on my wall and reads,“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”We’ve had a lot of luck, but not all of it was good—we just kept putting in more work. My wife and I are each surrounded by wonderful teams who cheer each other on and are always excited to hear our new goals for our businesses. We’re just as happy to get the chance to help them accomplish their goals. January is a great time to set some new goals, so go on and scare yourself with what you would be most proud of five or even 10 years from now. Then go put in the work! Celebrating the high point on Metal Masher trail in Moab, UT, after touring dinosaur bone sites

This Month’s Happiest Client!

“Matt, with Albrecht Law, has been an absolute godsend … After my accident, Matt could identify with my feelings and made me feel human when I felt so far from being one. I cannot believe the attentiveness and work that he put into my case and was even happier with the end results. He is an honest, truthful, stand-up guy.” -Kat H.

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