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Kinetix offers custom treatment plans to address your unique needs.

• Manual Therapy is our specialty in relieving pain. Our Physical Therapists also use other methods to diagnose, treat, speed healing, and promote wellness. • Ultrasound Technology is a diagnostic tool that sees inside your area of pain. • Laser Therapy reduces inflammation and speeds healing. • Foot Levelers technology map your feet and develop custom orthotics that help to relieve foot, ankle, knee and hip pain. • Wellness Programs are designed for thosewho need to jump start or ramp up their fitness routines.

June Special: If you’re suffering from Shoulder or Knee pain, call us for a FREE Discovery visit. This is a 1-on-1 appointment with a PT to discuss the cause of your pain and how to help you fix it. 352-505-6665. This offer ends 6/30/20.


Health & Wellness Newsletter



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Whether you have pain or have been suffering for a long time, seeing a physical therapist at Kinetix Physical Therapy can help you return to a more active and pain- free life. Give us a call at 352-505-6665 today! recovering from hip fractures. In this study, patients were split into two groups. The intervention group received “functionally oriented exercises (such as standing from a chair, climbing a step) taught by a physical therapist and performed independently by the participants in their homes for 6 months,” while the other group simply received education on cardiovascular nutrition and recovery. Results from this study concluded that those participating in the in-home physical therapy exercise programs demonstrated “modest improvement in physical function at 6 months after randomization.” Foot Levelers: Need more assistance in regaining mobility? The Foot Levelers InMotion ® is the #1 most popular and doctor recommended custom orthotic. Get added strength and stamina for improved performance, plus strong odor and moisture control to keep you feeling your best. InMotion ® helps you excel, no matter where the day takes you. Restoring normal motion is a key aspect to alleviating pain and allowing you to safely partake in the activities you love. Our dedicated team can help you walk, run, and play better. With our motion analysis, strength testing, coordination testing, and more, we can spot your muscles and joints that are in need of treatment. Your treatment plan will be individualized, based on your specific needs, in order to help you reach your optimum function with the least amount of effort.

Do you find it difficult to walk, run, or exercise, as if your knees may collapse underneath you? Are you experiencing sharp pains in your hips and knees that make daily tasks difficult? Does standing up after a lengthy amount of time pose as a challenging feat? If so, physical therapy can help. Constant hip and knee pains can greatly hinder your daily life. The efficiency of your walk comes from the effectiveness of your flexibility, strength, and balance. When any of these aspects become abnormal, it may cause joints to become strained and work harder than they usually need to, leading to pain in the knees and hips. Physical therapy is an easy, comfortable, and safe way to both identify and relieve pain. If you are suffering from knee or hip pain, contact Kinetix Physical Therapy today for relief! Correcting your knee and hip pains with PT treatments: At Kinetix Physical Therapy, our licensed physical therapists are movement experts. They will analyze how you walk in order to determine any abnormalities and to pinpoint stiff or weak muscles. By pinpointing the exact areas of your body that are not moving as they should, they are able to create a treatment plan that will improve your strength, coordination, and overall mobility. Physical therapy has been proven as one of the most effective treatment methods for knee and hip injuries. This has been demonstrated through several research-based studies, including a 2014 study published by the Journal of American Medical Association. The study, titled “Effect of a Home- Based Exercise Program on Functional Recovery Following Rehabilitation After Hip Fracture,” focuses on the benefits of exercise programs for those

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If you are suffering from knee or hip pain, it is important to make sure you contact a physical therapist as soon as possible. However, there are also some tests you can do on your own before your consultation – these simple tests can help you determine if your knees and hips are as flexible and strong as they should be. Practice caution when performing these tests with a painful knee or hip, and do not continue them if they cause your pain to worsen: • When you are standing, can you touch your toes? This indicates hip and low back flexibility. • When sitting down, can you comfortably cross your legs so your ankle is resting on the opposite knee? Does one knee go further down than the other? This indicates hip flexibility. If one hip is tighter than the other, it can impact the way you walk and can cause knee pain. • Keeping your feet flat on the floor while holding onto something solid, how far can you squat down? You should be able to squat all the way down so your buttocks almost touches your heels. Don’t let your heels pop up! If you favor movement to one side, you probably have hip weakness on that side or limited motion in the hip joint. • Standing near a counter top, put one foot in front of the other so you are touching heel-to-toe. Without putting your hands down, see if you can balance for 10 seconds. If you cannot, this may mean you have trouble with the coordination of your balance from the nerve endings in your hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Contact us today: As noted, physical therapy is an effective mode of treatment for patients suffering from knee and/or hip pain. At Kinetix

Physical Therapy, we help provide treatment for patients through movement and physical manipulation. If you are suffering from knee and/or hip pain, don’t hesitate to contact Kinetix Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment. We’ll help you kick your knee and hip pains to the curb, so you can live a happy, active, and pain-free life!


GET HELP AT OUR FREE WORKSHOPS KNEE PAIN SUFFERERS: NEW! • Is your knee stiff? • Does your knee ache or “give out” on you?

BACK PAIN & SCIATICA SUFFERERS: • Do you have pain when you stand, walk, or sit? • Do you experience pain shooting down your buttocks or leg? If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then one of these FREE workshops may be a life changing event for you or a loved one. Our clinic is following CDC and local guidelines to keep you safe by limiting the number of attendees.Register now at 352-505-6665 or

SHOULDER PAIN SUFFERERS: • Do you have pain when reaching overhead or behind you? • Is your shoulder pain keeping you awake? BALANCE OR DIZZINESS SYMPTOMS: • Have you fallen because you’re unsteady? • Do you experience dizziness?

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Patient Success Spotlight



INGREDIENTS • 5 oz uncooked orzo pasta • 1/2 large zucchini, 1/4-inch diced • 1 small plum or Campari tomato, diced

• 2 cloves garlic, smashed & finely chopped • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil • salt & fresh pepper to taste • 1/4 cup fresh grated Parmesan or Pecorino

DIRECTIONS Cook pasta in large pot of salted water as directed for al dente. Reserve about 1/2 cup liquid before draining. Drain orzo in a colander and add the oil to the pot. Saute garlic 1 minute, until fragrant, add the zucchini and tomatoes, season with salt and pepper and mix well. Cook until tender, 3 to 4 minutes. Add the cooked orzo and stir to combine all. Add some of the reserved liquid as needed so pasta isn’t dry. Add freshly grated cheese and stir.

“I learned new tricks to maintain quality of life.” “When I began, I had settled for impaired mobility in the affected knee, assuming only surgery would solve my dilemma. I am thrilled to be wrong! Dr. Cui was thorough, friendly, interested, and confident that therapy could help. I am feeling at least 95.2% better. As a 70 something year old, I learned new tricks to maintain quality of life. Travel, grandchildren, hobbies and activities are more enjoyable now.” - Mary


Relieve Hip Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you want to improve your hip pain.

STEP DOWN Stand on a step. Lower one foot slowly towards the ground. Keep your hips level! Step down and then off the step. Keep your knees aligned over your feet. Repeat 5 times. Strengthens Hips

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