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LOOKING BACK TO MOVE FORWARD Future Success Starts With Reflection

The idea behind our firm is that by having two very different practice areas, we can serve a broader base of clients. I cover bankruptcy, and Anna handles estate planning, business law, and civil litigation — areas that purposely don’t overlap.

So when we collaborated to assist a client who needed help in our respective fields, it was quite the rare experience. We served as a bridge, consulting and handling the case temporarily until it was ready to be passed off to another firm. It was an opportunity to showcase the abilities of our firm in a way we couldn’t have previously imagined. 2018 saw massive growth in us as individuals, as well. Our small team of five does a monthly book club where we study various concepts we

Before Anna and I merged last year, I spent the better part of 80 hours crocheting something for her that would symbolize the beginning of our partnership. When I think of Christmastime at our firm, this candy cane blanket will always be at the forefront of my mind. It was important to me to demonstrate how seriously I value this relationship. Anna loves Christmas, and part of being a partner means finding ways to meet your counterpart on their terms, as a way to show your commitment. This establishes trust and respect, but it also puts a spotlight on one aspect that makes early alliances so challenging: vulnerability. Luckily for me, Anna not only sees my displays of gratitude, but she reciprocates them, always putting me at ease and fostering a team dynamic. That blanket is a symbol of the holidays, our partnership, and the vision of our firm. From that moment on, she knew I was committed to our mutual success. “That blanket is a symbol of the holidays, our partnership, and the vision of our firm.” This year has had its challenges as well as achievements, but there has been growth every step of the way. Anna’s training in Medi-Cal puts a new tool in our arsenal, allowing us to serve our community better. My work on student loans has allowed me to discharge $1.3 million in debt, which I’m proud to say puts me at the top of my industry. But while our two different areas of law had their successes, one of the most unique occurrences of 2018 happened when we combined to work with the same client.

believe will help us improve. Every Monday meeting, we go over excerpts that stood out to us in the chapter we read and discuss how we can

apply the ideas to our firm or our lives. Anna and I want the entire firm to be multidimensional in their skill sets so we can better serve clients. Combining these written resources with training applicable to their roles has provided viable results that will help us accomplish our mission. Many businesses struggle to persuade their staff to invest in extra efforts like this, but our team has a culture of mutual respect. Anna and I set expectations and establish trust, so it’s natural and easy to implement our ideas. We’re a family, so there’s sometimes dysfunction, but as long as our mutual expectations are understood, we can easily find a solution. It’s been an incredible year, and I hope every one of you has experienced success. The holidays are a time for reflection, and when you look back on your business, life, and future, we hope you see the same joy in the past and excitement for opportunities in the new year. Happy holidays from all of us at Surf City Lawyers!

–Christine Kingston

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