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FEB/MAR 2020


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Marcy coaching Jan on balance

We just can’t help it. When something makes us this inspired and excited, we can’t keep ourselves from sharing it with everyone. That’s why we’re featuring OsteoStrong Tulsa front and center for all to see in this month’s newsletter. This process — and the team in Tulsa — has done incredible things for hundreds of people in our community over the past year, and we can’t wait to watch it continue to grow. Here’s everything we want you to know. In April 2019, Marcy Smith and Sue Welch opened Tulsa’s very first OsteoStrong branch. The business has nearly 20 locations nationwide dedicated to helping people build stronger bones. “It’s a once- weekly, 15-minute session specifically designed to strengthen your skeletal system,” Marcy explains. “All appointments include one-on-one coaching with a focus on form and safety.” Since first opening its doors, the Tulsa location has grown more rapidly than expected, and that’s a thrilling prospect for everyone involved. It has already surpassed membership projection by nearly 30%, and Marcy and Sue are eager to keep welcoming anyone who wants to benefit from simple workouts that can actually increase their bone density and improve their quality of life. I’ve been attending OsteoStrong sessions with Susie and can already feel a noticeable difference in my strength and balance. Before, I didn’t even realize it was something I was missing. I’ve seen people in our community, especially older folks, become stronger and more independent after the work they do at OsteoStrong. It really is incredible.

Science and numbers aside, Marcy knows that this is the most rewarding career choice she’s ever made. “It’s about quality of life for us and for our members,” she says. “To be able to own a business that allows our members to expand their opportunities as they age, rather than lose opportunities, is huge.” And OsteoStrong members agree completely. “I recently tackled a backyard path project that involved digging up and moving full-size railroad ties. I’m 67 years old, and I did it all by myself! Thank you, OsteoStrong!” –D.S. “I stepped on one of those balls that fall from sycamore trees, began to slip and fall, but was able to regain my balance without falling. My balance is so much better after starting at OsteoStrong. I also visited my daughter recently, and she told me that I’m moving more quickly, my posture is better, and my confidence is better.” –R.K. “Before OsteoStrong, I found myself focusing on all the things I couldn’t do anymore. Now, I’m focusing on all the things I can do again. It’s been a wonderful shift in my thinking and my outlook!” –J.F. These kinds of exercises aren’t just for older people, though. “At age 30, men and women alike begin to lose bone density,” Marcy says. “OsteoStrong is something people should be doing preventively. Sue and I are very proud to bring this service to all the people of Tulsa.”

Jan and Marcy improving posture

The OsteoStrong franchise is only in its eighth year of operation, but the phenomenon has been growing steadily. “Just you watch. It’s such an incredible program, and in two or three years, it’ll be a household name,” Marcy says. “That’s a very exciting prospect to be a part of.” We encourage everyone to find out more about OsteoStrong! You can attend one of their “Osteogenic Loading” presentations to learn more. They’re held every Tuesday at 6 p.m. and every Friday at 12 p.m. To reserve your seat, call 918- 528-3828 or email TulsaMidtown@OsteoStrong. me. You can also visit the corporate website at for even more information. –Dr. Jan L. Cobble

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