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GRATITUDE FOR SERVICE PEOPLE Extends Beyond Veteran’s Day I have a confession to make. When I moved to San Diego, I had no idea that the city was home to the largest concentration of military personnel in the area. Over the years, serving veterans and their families has become one of the most rewarding parts of our practice. It’s a cornerstone of what we do and a way to give back to the people who protect our country. So, in honor of Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving, I want to dedicate this issue to all of the military families we are lucky enough to call patients and express our gratitude to them. Treating service people and their loved ones is particularly meaningful to me because I come from a family with a history of military service. My grandfathers, Paul Broderick and Richard Stetson, served in the army and navy, respectively. They both served during World War II, and Richard even met Queen Elizabeth II in Northern Ireland in 1942. You can see him in the photos included with this article, towering over the Queen. Both of these men were huge inspirations in my life, and their service was an integral part of each of their identities. Jan Ballard, a physical therapy assistant (PTA) at our practice, also has a personal connection to the military. Her son-in-law, Jay, is an active duty member of the Navy. She prides herself on providing the kind of care to veterans that she’d want her son-in-law to receive. Every patient who walks through our doors gets our full attention, and we understand the particular needs of treating real-life American heroes. To put it bluntly, it matters to us. Even without the familial connections to the military, we’d provide the same care, attention, and gratitude to retired military personnel and their families. It goes without saying that service people sacrifice a great deal for others, but I think people overlook the sacrifice that’s required of their family members. In my eyes, the families who support their loved ones while they’re overseas are worthy of reverence as well.

In addition to treating veterans and their loved ones, we participate in an annual fundraising effort for the San Diego Fisher House during the holidays. You’ll find more about how you can get involved in next month’s newsletter, and we welcome participation in whatever form feels right to you. As the drive gets closer, we’ll post a list of needed items, so stay tuned for that. I’d be lying if I told you I opened North County Water & Sports Therapy Center with an eye toward serving veterans, but it’s been one of the happiest accidents of my life. In a town where roughly 10 percent of people are active military personnel, veterans, or family members thereof, I guess that it was bound to happen, but that doesn’t mean I take it for granted. I speak for everyone at the practice when I say that we are immensely grateful to treat veterans and their loved ones. It will never compare to the service they’ve provided us, but we hope it helps in some small way. And while we’re honoring you during the month of Veteran’s Day, know that we appreciate you year-round.

–Beth Scalone

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