The Ripple - Edition 3/2021 (Website)


The greatest challenge for current leaders throughout any organization is to continuously learn and adapt to the rapidly changing business environment. Their ability to do so defines not only their capacity but also the quality of their ability to lead others. But how do leaders come up with the time to cultivate their commitment for continuous learning and motivate colleagues during a busy work schedule? How can leaders be motivated to welc- ome curiosity and experimentation as a fundamental approach to daily business?

To date the classical paradigm of leadership development has been to host multi-day workshops off-site. Why not reclaim that learning experience for the on-site (and virtual) workplace and integrate this learning into actual business issues which require focus? Bringing this learning process back into the workplace and applying these learnings to real-time situations pro- vides a recognizable opportunity for businesses to foster better collaboration throughout their organization.

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