The Ripple - Edition 3/2021 (Website)

What does this mean for leaders?

Growth at all costs as aspired to in a machine metaphor is replaced with a goal of "maturation" in the new paradigm of living networks. A fine balance of growth and adaptation is realized through LEARNING.

They must focus on relationships and fostering these relationships both with-in and outside of their organization. Connecting people is no doubt one of the most valuable leadership activities. Recognizing how certain combinations of already pre-existing technologies can lead to breakthroughs is the essence and inspiration of innovation. One of the reasons that digital technology is so disruptive is that novel combinations of software, sensors, platforms, etc. create new applications for their use. To successfully adapt to the on-going digital revolution, leaders are being forced to focus on those interconnec- tions which are driving innovation in the marketplace.

A T T H E H E A R T O F O P T I M A L H E A L T H L I E S Q U A L I T Y N O T Q U A N T I T Y .


Under the new paradigm of living networks, a leader's focus is on the interconnections in an organization and the flows between them. These flows consist of both energy and information. The health of a system (ie. organizations) is directly connected to the robustness of its interconnec- tions. For example, while Mental health undoubtedly has a physical chemical component, researchers have discover- ed that there is also often a social component. Loneliness and lack of meaningful social connections often play a significant role in the develop- ment of anxiety and depression. A powerful antidote to depression is to foster strong interpersonal connections.

However, it is insufficient to focus on the number of interconnections alone.

It is the quality of those interconnections which ultimately determines their overall value. What flows through those interconnec- tions is where the unforeseen value resides.

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