Message to Homeowners: Flooded HVAC Units Appearances can be deceiving. If your home was flooded, it is highly recommended that you have a qualified HVAC technician inspect your home’s heating and cooling system before use. Even if your HVAC system is energized and appears to be working when you return home, it is highly likely that the system will not operate properly and will not deliver the performance that you expect. The system may also cease to function shortly after it appears to be working normally. Although your outdoor unit might look the same as it did prior to the flood, many hidden concerns may not be obvious to the untrained eye. Simply stated, your heating and cooling system was not designed to operate under water. If the unit was running when flooding occurred, there may be severe electrical shorts or damaged internal electrical components. In addition, if the outdoor unit experienced flooding, most likely the condenser coil is now dirty. Flood waters contain dirt, grime, and other contaminants that adhere to the condenser coil. This coating can severely reduce the ability of the unit to heat or cool your home. Properly cleaning the condenser requires professional equipment and chemicals and should be performed by a qualified HVAC technician. Indoor components of your HVAC system are also affected by flood damage. Flood waters can cause corrosion of electrical components and cause similar damage to the indoor unit. Also, gas furnaces contain gas valves and other components that will require inspection before operating the unit.

About Daikin: Daikin Industries, Ltd. (DIL) is a global Fortune 1000 company which celebrated its 90th anniversary in May 2014. The company is recognized as one of the largest HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) manufacturers in the world. DIL is primarily engaged in developing indoor comfort systems and refrigeration products for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Its consistent success is derived, in part, from a focus on innovative, energy-efficient and premium quality indoor climate and comfort management solutions.

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