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PHYSICAL THERAPY AND NECK PAIN (Continued from outside)

These include: • Practicing improved posture • Wearing recommended footwear • Using lumbar support in your desk chair or car • Exercising regularly • Engaging in regular stretching, like yoga

One of the primary goals of physical therapy is to address whole-body well-being by encouraging improvedoverallhealth. Inmanysituations, this includes improvedflexibility and range-of-motion training, muscle building and strength training, and even in some cases, encouragement with cardiovascular activities and weight loss. At the end of the day, the best way to be free of neck pain is to prevent neck pain from developing,andworkingwithaphysical therapistcanhelpyou in this regard,aswell.The tasks thatyoudoeverydaycanbuildupover timeandcausea lotofstressonyourbody, and the neck and shoulders are some of the most common places to carry that stress. Youmaynoteven realize the impact thatsimple tasks thatyoudoeverydayhaveonyour bodyandyourexperienceofpain.Things likedriving, liftingheavyobjects— likepackages at the frontdoororevenyourgroceries—and repetitivemovements likehunchingovera keyboard at work can all seriously impact your neck pain. The longer you let neck pain linger and disrupt your life, the more difficult it becomes to treat. If you experience an injury, the smart thing to do is to consult a physical therapist soon after the pain develops. Source https://www.moveforwardpt.com/symptomsconditionsdetail.aspx?cid=8402b1d2-6580-41b2-b4ff-25a0cd6dac3a https://www.verywellhealth.com/pinched-nerve-headache-treatment-1719581

Thegoodnews is that there isactuallya lot thatyoucando tosupport thehealthyoperation of your neck, thereby reducing the severity or frequency of your neck pain. Working with a physical therapist is the best way to address neck pain. During physical therapy, your neck pain will be addressed hollistically, taking into consideration the initial injury that may have caused the pain to develop, but also any other habits, movements or compensations that may be contributing to the discomfort. Physical therapy takesadvantageofstrategies likemassage,stretchingandmuscle training to reduce neck pain, and many of these strategies can be adopted in part at home or on the-go to help you address your neck pain when it is bothering you the most.

Adopting healthier habits can have a big impact on your management of neck pain.


We’re Hiring! We are looking for a motivated Physical Therapist to join our patient rehabilitationteam!Our idealcandidate iswillingto learn,excitedabout theopportunity toworkwithexperienced therapists,andenjoysbeing involved in their localcommunity.Weareseekingsomeonewhoprides themselves on accepting new challenges and has a strong desire to helpothers–yourdrive,passionandenthusiasmwillhelpyousucceed! This is a full-time opportunity that does not require any weekend availability. Open to new PT graduates and experienced PTs!



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If interested, feel free to send your resume to info@avenuesphysicaltherapy.com


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