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CarPool Beer and Billiards returns to Ballston Stein of KLNB completes 6,382 s/f transaction, bringing iconic Arlington, VA bar back home


lively, welcoming environment for our customers.” Handwerger said his part- nership with KLNB is just be- ginning and is already discuss- ing possible future projects with Stein. For Stein and her team, the combination of retail industry expertise, knowledge of the regional market, and an unmatched ability to bring a client’s ideas to life are what allows KLNB’s professionals to consistently deliver an ex- ceptional experience. “Since I had experienced the energy of the original location myself, I instantly knew what

Mark was looking for and the type of space he would need to reignite the excitement the bar brought to the neighborhood 25 years ago,” said Stein. Stein adds that there has never been a better time for CarPool to return to Ballston as the neighborhood has expe- rienced massive growth in re- cent years. Within a one-mile radius, an estimated $134 million is been spent annu- ally on food and dining. For a populace that’s affluent and eager to dine out and gather, CarPool will be a welcome addition. MAREJ

RLINGTON, VA — KLNB announced that CarPool, the celebrat-

ed sports bar and grill, is r e t u r n i n g to its origi- nal home of Ballston, the thriving ur- ban ne igh- borhood in A r l i n g t o n .

Kim Stein

The new location is slated to open next month at 900 North Glebe Rd. Located less than a half- mile from its original address, CarPool’s new 6,382 s/f space will offer the same fantastic experience locals and regulars know and love including bil- liards, pinball, craft cocktails, live sports, and an extensive draft beer selection. And like the original Ballston location, customers will enjoy large ga- rage doors that will now open onto a sizeable outdoor patio, a welcome new addition. CarPool ’s president and founder Mark Handwerger opened the original CarPool in Ballston in 1995 and relocated the business to Fair Lakes, VA in 2017 when the property was re-developed. After sev- eral years in Fairfax County, however, he began to miss the energy and activity of the old neighborhood and started to investigate the possibility of returning to Arlington. He soon mentioned his idea to a business associate, who imme- diately recommended speak- ing with KLNB principal and retail expert KimStein . After hearing what Handweger had in mind, she quickly went to work to locate a spot that could help recapture the magic and fun that the original CarPool brought to Ballston. Ultimately, it took Stein just one showing to find the perfect new home. “Kim understood our needs so well, I fell for the first loca - tion we toured,” said Handw- erger. “She was a fan of the original CarPool and perfectly understood what I had inmind and the kind of property that would allow my dream for a new CarPool to become a reality. Kim’s knowledge of the area and ability to quickly find an ideal space was simply phenomenal and because of her expertise and efficiency, we can open our doors quite quickly and get back to doing what we love – providing a

900 North Glebe Rd.


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