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Establishing New Jersey as a hub for the clean energy economy The NewJersey Economic Development Authority & PSEG sign 78-year lease for the NJ Wind Port

OWER ALLOWAYS CREEK, NJ — The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) and PSEG have signed a lease allowing for a term of up to 78-years on land that will be home to the New Jersey Wind Port in Salem County, further positioning the state as a hub for clean energy and the US offshore wind industry. The port will provide a location for essential staging, assembly, and manu- facturing activities related to offshore wind along the East Coast. The Wind Port is located adjacent to PSEG’s nuclear generating site, which today provides more than 90% of New Jersey’s carbon-free elec- tricity, and together, offshore wind and nuclear energy will deliver powerful support for our state and national clean energy ambitions. “The New JerseyWind Port is a transformational investment that will create hundreds of good jobs and drive billions of dollars of economic activity in South Jersey and throughout L

restrictions, and easy access to the Atlantic Ocean’s wind farm lease areas, the Wind Port is one of a select few ports on the East Coast that can house offshore wind turbine marshal- ling and manufacturing. A key component of offshore wind turbine marshalling is the vertical assembly of turbine towers, which are hundreds of feet tall and cannot fit beneath bridges, power lines, and other naturally-occurring barriers that would impose height re- strictions. No other port in the region is able to support the marshalling and manufactur- ing operations that will take place at the Wind Port. The New Jersey Wind Port site was selected in June 2020 after a 22-month assessment process, including engagement with industry, government, and environmental stakeholders. The NJEDA has been preparing the site and finalizing design since summer 2020. It is more than five miles from the nearest New Jersey residential area and provides ample space to grow operations over time. MAREJ

now, with the addition of the New Jersey Wind Port, PSEG is proud to support the state as we become the hub for develop- ment of carbon-free resources for the East Coast,” PSEG Nuclear president and chief nuclear officer Eric Carr said. “PSEG and PSEG Nuclear wel- come broad partnerships such as ours with the NJEDA and we look forward to continuing to drive innovation, growth, and investment in the clean energy economy.” Offshore wind is a central component of Governor Phil Murphy’s Energy Master Plan to achieve 100% clean energy by 2050. As part of that plan, New Jersey has committed to producing 7,500 megawatts of offshore wind energy by 2035. Up and down the East Coast, of fshore wind investment through 2035 is anticipated to exceed $150 billion. The New Jersey Wind Port is located on an artificial island on the eastern shores of the Delaware River, southwest of the City of Salem. With its ex- pansive footprint, lack of height

Shown from left: Eric Carr, PSEG and Tim Sullivan, NJEDA

the State,” said NJEDA chief executive officer TimSullivan . “This is a vital project that will help communities recover from the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and move us closer to Governor Murphy’s vision for a stronger, fairer New Jersey economy. The NJEDA is proud to partner with PSEG to bring this valuable new infra- structure asset to life.” “The lease signing with the NJEDA is cause for celebration as the New Jersey Wind Port will provide a foundation for even more carbon-free energy in our region,” PSEG chief op- erating officer Ralph LaRossa

said. “Alongside PSEG’s nu- clear plants, the New Jersey Wind Port will establish South Jersey as the heart of New Jersey’s clean energy economy. By supporting the develop- ment of renewable offshore wind power, this lease and the facility to come will establish New Jersey as the destination for clean energy development, operations, training, skills, and innovation.” “Salem County and South Jersey are already home to exceptional innovation, opera- tions, and a workforce skilled in generating clean energy for millions of customers. And

NEXUS Properties selects Stout & Caldwell for their new Chester Woods Luxury Apartments in Delran, NJ

DELRAN, NJ — Stout & Caldwell has been selected by NEXUS Properties , a South Jersey land development firm, for their new Chester Woods Luxury Apartments in Delran. The scope of the project in- cluded conceptual and ma- jor site plans, boundary and topographic surveying, ALTA and Utility Surveys, Phase I Environmental and Wetland LOI permitting, traffic and landscape design. The 22-acre site is located on South Chester Ave., adjacent to Delran Middle School and Holy Cross Preparatory Academy. Additional services provided include auto-turn analysis park- ing lot design, soil borings and planning board testimony for approvals. Water and Sewer permits were also included in the scope of services. Chester Woods Luxury

Chester Woods Luxury Apartments

eation with LOI • Demolition and Subdivision Plans • Flood Zone Classification • Boundary & Topographic Surveys • Endangered and Threatened

Species Survey • ALTA and Utilities Surveys • Traffic Engineering, AutoTurn Analysis, Parking Lot Design • Construction Stakeout and AutoCAD Services and Land- scape Planning

• Phase I and Environmental Impact Statement • Permitting • StormWater Design and Soil Testing Analysis • Planning Board Testimony MAREJ

Apartments will be home to 265 rental apartments with a 20% being set aside for COAH. Services provided: • Conceptual and Major Site Plan • Wetlands Analysis and Delin -

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