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Women in Business

Justyna Kuczaj, The Blau & Berg Company “If you love it, pursue it”

ow do you manage the work/life bal- ance? This is a question that al- ways bothers me, and one I’m glad I don’t quite understand. As the saying goes, “If you truly love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”. If money is not your sole moti- vator, you do not have to worry about balancing work and life because the two organically intertwine. Picking up the phone or answering an email will never feel like work if you truly enjoy what you’re doing. What unique qualities and or personality do you H

world”. As women, we have a unique advantage in that we can naturally distinguish our- selves from our counterparts. There are advantages and disadvantages to this; men might feel more comfortable working with other men. How- ever, as a woman in a highly competitive marketplace we might be less likely to have a door shut in our face. We are perceived as “less intimidat- ing” in an atmosphere where aggressive negotiations are commonplace. I have been told by clients that it’s sometimes harder to say “no” to a woman, so perhaps we stand to attain

a more desired outcome than our male counterparts. I per- sonally don’t think about ad- vantages or disadvantages, I’d prefer to rely on my individual strengths and abilities and just be the best professional I can be. The rest is out of my hands! Do you feel there are any differences in the way that men and women develop business relationships and if so, what activities or ven- ues do you participate in? We are obviously biologi- cally different than men and this can be reflective in our fundamental approach to our careers. We often find our pri - orities are different; whereas men in my industry like to build a social construct around negotiating and often find the golf course or cigar bar a com- fortable place to do business, women tend to network differ- ently. As a result, our network might grow at a slower pace but the business relationships that we do develop tend to be very solid and, ultimately, longer lasting. Who do you feel was most influential in your life when choosing this profession? One of my professors from myMBA program. I come from a consulting background, but he constantly told me that I should consider a career in real estate. For various rea- sons, it took me five years to make a career change, but I am forever appreciative for his direction. It turns out, he was right! What outside activities do you enjoy during you free time? I’m a big outdoors person and really enjoy kitesurfing, snowboarding, motorcycle rid- ing and hiking. What inspiring word of advice would you give to a young woman about to go into the field of commercial real estate or your allied field? Just because this industry might be perceived as “male dominated”, don’t let that dis- courage you for a second. You have every opportunity to be as successful as anybody else, provided you are willing to put in the work. If you love it, pursue it. Do not get discour- aged from this or any career because of your gender – the opportunity is equal. The ad- vantage is in the effort. MAREJ

Justyna Kuczaj Sales Associate Years with company/firm: 2 years Years in field: 2 years Years in real estate industry: 4 years Real estate organizations/affiliations: New Jersey and New York Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

people! Do you feel being a wom- an is an advantage, disad- vantage or no advantage in today’s business world? Why? Why not? Commercial real estate has traditionally been a “man’s

feel makes you most suc- cessful in your profession? This is a people’s business, so connecting on a personal level is, without a doubt, the key to success. I feel very for- tunate that I’ve always been able to naturally connect with


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