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Women in Business

tasks and projects to increase my knowledge and skill set. Have you faced any chal- lenges or obstacles on your path to success? Since I started with NAI Summit at such a young age, I feel I have had the challenge of proving myself more so than others. Rather than com - ing into my current position with established management experience, I started as an Accounts Payable Clerk and worked my way through the ranks from Staff Accountant to Senior Staff Accountant and eventually to Manager of Com - mercial Property Accounting. The experience of earning a management position through upward mobility has increased my confidence over the years and while challenges are inevi - table, they are opportunities continued on page 14D

Karen Koch Manager of Commercial Property Accounting NAI Summit Years with Company: 25 Years in field: 26 Years in real estate industry: 26

Jennifer Kennedy Associate Broker of Commercial Real Estate NAI Summit Years with Company: 3 years Years in field: 13 in Property Manage - ment; 1 in Brokerage Years in real estate industry: 16

quickly promoted to a Project Manager, overseeing eight multi-family construction proj - ects. When the market turned in 2007-2008, I transitioned to the property management side of development and re - mained with the company for many years. Eventually I moved back to Pennsylvania and continued my property management career with NAI Summit. What led you to transi- tion from Property Man- agement to Brokerage? I loved working in prop - erty management but always wanted the opportunity to sell/ lease commercial property, or manage people. I was offered a position that allowed me to do all three. Working for a developer helped me gain experience in all facets of commercial real estate. I soon realized that I truly enjoyed the sales process and wanted to do more of it. How did your Property Management experience help prepare you for a role in Brokerage? Having always worked in the commercial realm of real estate, I know buildings. I can walk a commercial building with a prospect and get a sense of what they are looking at, or what they may need to look at. In your experience, what are the major differences between PropertyManage- ment and Brokerage? With property management it is easy to plan your day and stay organized. While emer - gencies are inevitable, for the most part there is a routine. With brokerage every day is new. You may have a lot of flexibility, but you have to be task oriented in order to de - velop new business along with keeping your current pipeline going. What advice would you give to someone wanting to transition into Brokerage from a different field? Be prepared to work hard! Brokerage can be extremely rewarding but it requires ef - fort; and it may take some time before you see the re - wards. Find someone you trust to mentor you. Without a good mentor, I would never have had the success I have now. MAREJ

counting. I oversee and ensure the accuracy of the financial reporting we provide to the property management clients within our multi-faceted port - folio of office, retail, industrial, and residential properties. What unique qualities and/or personality traits do you feel makes youmost successful in your profes- sion? I amdetail oriented and ana - lytical. I enjoy taking on new

What is your current position? Associate Broker of Com- mercial Real Estate Have you always been a commercial real estate Broker? Prior to working in real es - tate I was a Spanish teacher. I realized quickly that I did not want to be a teacher. Upon moving to Arizona I was hired as a recruiter for a development company. I was

How and when did you begin your career in the field of Accounting? While I was still in college I was looking to gain accounting experience and get my foot in the door. I began working as a part-time Accounts Pay - able Clerk in the real estate industry. What is your current position? I am currently the Manager of Commercial Property Ac -



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