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Women on the Move

CREW NJ Board Member joins Cushman & Wakefield

ONTCLAIR, NJ — In a year with un- precedented changes By Beth Burke, Cost Recovery Solutions LLC CREW New Jersey celebrates surviving 2021 M

career at Newmark Associates in Cedar Knolls and worked there for five years before making the recent transition over to Cushman &Wakefield. Although she’s moved to a new position in the industry, Courtney will continue her CREW NJ responsibilities as co-director of membership, the committee chairwoman of the Next GenerationGroup and as a member of the PR com- mittee. “I’m passionate about real estate and love shar- ing that passion with other people, especially women, within the industry. These positions allow me to share my experiences within CREW and commercial real estate in general, while also creating new relationships.” Looking to her future at Cushman & Wakefield, Court - ney shares, “While it’s a large global corporation, I’m lucky because it has a very close-knit feel to it. I am honored to be working with my team ( Ray Trevisan and Bill O’Keefe ) and am excited to see what the future brings. I am already learning a lot and have really hit the ground running.” MAREJ in a more systematic way, actively seeking out software and tools that will enhance our investors’ returns while im- proving the daily experiences of our residents, tenants and neighbors.” Mathis is a prominent real estate investment leader who brings two decades of expe- rience across principal real estate investing in various asset classes, as well as real estate private equity, asset management, and PropTech experience to her new role. Twice named a top female CEO by CRETech, she pre - viously launched and sold a startup in the PropTech space, worked in various high-growth companies at both early and later stages, and has been a recognized name in the indus- try for years. “Arden’s opportunity is vast,” she added. “While in- creasing efficiency and extend - ing the useful life of physical property, our goal is to bring value to our investors and simultaneously create change that impacts the communities around our assets. We are seeking out the biggest ideas, the strongest partners and the sharpest entrepreneurs in this space, especially those who bring a diversity of experience

MORRISTOWN, NJ — CREW NJ member Court- ney Rosenkrantz has joined

the broker- age and advi- sory services di v i s i on o f C u s hma n & W a k e - field in Mor- ristown, NJ as a senior a s s o c i a t e . Formerly of

personal connections are for mental, physical, and career well-being! The culmination of all three came together at our most recent in-person events - the return of our annual golf outing / luncheon and an early holiday celebration with a dress-up Halloween party. We are looking forward to 2022 with plans for even more exciting programming; profes- sional development and phil- anthropic opportunities; and targeted, effective networking opportunities (both local and worldwide) for those who sup - port women in CRE. New members joining before December 31st will get the rest of 2021 included with their 2022 membership. New and existing members renewing by then will be entered into drawings for a scholarship to the 2022 CREW Network Convention and different gift cards. It’s never been a better time to join CREW NJ! MAREJ ment in 2021? Laun c h i ng CRESDA , which provides opportunity both for corporations looking to advance diversity within their supply chains and for the qualified, diverse com- mercial real estate providers that make up its member base. I believe through this initiative we can enact real change in the industry and create new opportunities for successful partnership between major corporations and minority, woman and veteran owned commercial real estate firms. What was your most notable project, deal or transaction in 2021? Securing new business with a Top 5 global technol- ogy company through its supplier diversity initiatives, which marks a promising stride in advancing supplier diversity through profes- sional real estate services. How do you manage the work/life balance? Presence of mind and good time management skills are the key to balancing profes- sional and personal time. When I schedule time to be alone or to be with family and friends, I make a point to be present and to enjoy the moment. Professionally, I prioritize projects and focus on the tasks at hand. MAREJ

for everyone, Commercial Real Estate Women of New Jersey (CREW NJ) is fo- cusing on what we were still able to accomplish despite the pandemic and looking forward to continued growth, learning and philanthropic opportuni- ties, and connections with other CRE professionals in 2022. In 2021, we continued adapt - ing our virtual networking model created during the pan- demic to offer even more cre- ative, unique events including online wine and chocolate tast- ings, trivia and painting nights, a joint happy hour with CREW Greater Philadelphia , and even a scavenger hunt. Sev- eral CREW NJ members led educational roundtables, panel discussions, and presentations covering market trends, busi- ness and financial wellness, evolving legislation affecting

CRE, and COVID recovery pro - grams. Each event notification sent to members highlighted different charitable groups around the state, continuing our commitment to philan- thropic efforts even when they couldn’t happen in person. While most events in the beginning of the year were vir- tual, we also offered monthly “walks in the park” throughout the state as a safe alterna- tive for those who wanted to connect in person. Eventu - ally we were able to offer more in-person events including a charity 5K walk, beach yoga and barre workout classes, and joint happy hours with other industry groups includ- ing the National Association of Women in Construction and our neighboring CREW NY chapter. These events reminded us how important

Courtney Rosenkrantz

Newmark Associates, Court - ney’s main focus will now be on representing Class A office space and working with more complex requirements and higher-end assets. While her main territory is throughout New Jersey, she is also able to work at a national level. Courtney’s interest in real estate began at an early age. “I was reading those home magazines found in the lob- bies of diners,” she recalls. Fast forward to college at the University of South Carolina, she chose real estate as one of two majors she pursued. After graduating with a BS degree in both Real Estate and En - trepreneurship, she began her

NancyGlick, CEOof CRESDA&COOof Newmark Associates

Arden Group appoints Poonam Sharma Mathis as venture partner & boardmember

Nancy Glick CEO of CRESDA and COO of Newmark Associates

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Arden Group (Arden) , a fully integrated real estate

Years with company/firm: CRESDA launched in 2021, with Newmark Associ - ates since 2005 (16 years) Years in field: 16 Years in real estate industry: 16

company an- nounced the appointment of Poonam S h a r m a Mathi s as board mem- ber and ven- ture partner. She will lead Arden’s ven-

officer for CRESDA and con - tinue to serve as Chief oper- ating officer and head of sup - plier diversity and inclusion at Newmark Associates CRE. Working in this capacity with each firm provides me with an industry perspective both from the New Jersey state level as well as nationally. Why did you choose the field/profession you are in today? Prior to entering the com- mercial real estate industry, I worked as a mortgage- backed securities broker at Freddie Mac and obtained an MBA in Finance from George Washington Univer - sity. After choosing to take time to raise a family, I was excited to return to a more traditional workspace, where I could use my business and finance background while maintaining independence and flexibility. What was your greatest professional accomplish-

Tell us how and when you began your career in the profession you are in? I began my career in com- mercial real estate in 2005 as a commercial real estate sales agent at Newmark As - sociates. I soon acquired my brokerage license and then pioneered the roles of Chief Operating Officer and Head of Supplier Diversity and Inclusion for the firm. This past year we launched a new company, CRESDA, aimed at connecting women, minority and veteran owned commercial real estate firms across the country with op- portunities for partnership through corporations’ suppli- er diversity initiatives. I am excited to further the work I have done over the past ten years related to diversity and inclusion in CRE with this new venture. What is your current position? I serve as chief executive

Poonam Sharma Mathis

ture capital initiative and investment efforts, which will focus on opportunities to invest in startups enhancing efficiency in the operations of real estate. “Poonam brings Arden a uniquely blended perspective on innovation in real estate, through a combination of time on the principal real estate investment and devel- opment side as well as experi- ence launching her own Prop- Tech startup at the infancy of the industry,” said C raig A. Spencer , Chairman and CEO. “We here at Arden have been tracking, implementing and investing in property related technologies for a few years now, as the right opportuni- ties came up. We are excited to bring Poonam on and begin to pursue those opportunities

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