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Color and Care for Summer Hair Tips from Maria Heckscher at MHSalon w i t h D e n i s e J a m e s

O ur hair is our crowning glory, so don’t let that crown slip in the summer sun! Maria Heckscher, owner of MHSalon, has plenty of tips and product suggestions to ensure that our hair remains glossy and gorgeous all season long. For professional advice, color, and care, visit the new MHSalon 30A, in Rosemary Beach, Florida. How can I prevent harm to summer hair? Sun, saltwater, and chlorine are very drying to hair. To accommodate this, you must do a few things, like make sure you are using a solid conditioner and treating your hair to the occasional mask. Try not to over-use heat. I know we all like our hair to look top-notch but giving it a break from the heat will help maintain the integrity of your hair. Should I wear a swim cap when I swim? Does showering with fresh water before and after help? Wearing a swim cap does help — especially if you are going to a community pool, which is often more heavily chlorinated and can be harsh on your hair. It is helpful to wet your hair first and then apply a conditioner before you swim, since the conditioner will act as a barrier to protect the hair. Then, I suggest shampooing afterward with a gentle, moisturizing shampoo to remove any residue or chlorine. We all hear about SPF for our skin, so what about SPF for our hair? Are there products to protect our hair in the summer sun There are definitely products to help with summer sun. The company I work for, Framesi, is based in Milan, Italy. It is a family-owned company that has been creating products since the 1970s. Framesi products all have sunscreen and are thermal protectants. PRIMER 11, one of my favorites, does 11 different things, including preventing static electricity, detangling, eliminating frizz, retaining color, and more. Is there anything I can do to prepare my hair for my vacation in the summer sun? As a treatment prior to your trip, you can use coconut oil or olive oil to put moisture into your hair and leave it in 20 minutes or longer. Just remember to apply shampoo directly to the hair afterward and give it a second wash. Bring all your moisturizing products to help what the

If our hair is color treated, what special care should we implement during summer months? For brunettes, a hat is always suggested, since brunette color can get a little brassy in the sun. For blondes, the sun and saltwater can make hair dry, so use plenty of moisturizing shampoos and conditioners with sunscreen. Is aging a factor in summer hair damage? As we age, we do get greyer and our hair can become dryer. Due to hormone changes, grey hair has a different texture and the color can fade quicker. Keep in mind that if you use quality hair color, your hair is less likely to fade. Good color will also help minimize how dry your hair will be. What about tips for ethnic or curly hair texture? It’s all about moisture. Argan oil is a great product to put on the hair to maintain moisture in the sun. Curly and ethnic hair has a tendency to look dry because the cuticle is not flat like someone with straight hair. To help with frizz, I suggest Stop Frizz by Framesi. This product is great and will not leave your hair feeling oily. What trends are you seeing for the summer? Less is better, and a lot of people are sticking with low-maintenance hair. If you want to go lighter, I would suggest some subtle baby lights. These are low maintenance but add a natural sun-kissed look. A simple, beachy style would be to let your hair dry naturally, and once it is done, use a hairspray to control the fly-aways. Afterward, get your curling iron and add a few soft curls, then run your brush through your hair. It will look like a very effortless blowout. This style is perfect for summer because you are

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heat and sun have removed. After the trip, you can visit your stylist, and they may suggest a treatment or a gloss that can add a bit of tone to unwanted brassy ends. Or, if your hair has gotten too light in the sun, conditioning and tone will help.

using less heat but still look put together.

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