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7 things to inspect on your car this summer

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If you’re getting ready for a summer road trip or plan to take your car out for its first spin of the season, here are seven things you should inspect before you get behind the wheel. 1. Tires . Make sure your tires are properly inflated and have sufficient tread. Do the same for the spare and make certain you have a jack and lug wrench in the trunk. 2. Lights. Ask someone to stand outside your car as you turn on your headlights, brake lights and reverse lights to ensure that they’re working. 3. Windshield wipers. Make sure your wi- pers are in good condition and can effec- tively clear your windows. You should also inspect the sprayer and top off the windshield washer fluid. 4. Fluids. Inspect the oil as well as the brake, power steering and transmission fluids. If any of these run out, your car’s components may get damaged. 5. Battery. Inspect your battery for signs of corrosion, cracks and leaks. Test it with a battery tester, voltmeter or multimeter. Alternatively, you can get it inspected and tested by a mechanic. Batteries should be tested twice a year and re- placed approximately every five years. 6. Undercarriage. Look under your car for leaks. A fluid leak can cause your stee- ring or braking system to fail. 7. Air conditioner. Make sure your air conditioner is working well. Also check the heating for those chilly mornings when you need to defrost the windows. If you notice any issues during your inspec- tion, make an appointment at your local garage.

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