King's Business - 1922-10

T h e property is free from debt, and used entirely for the definite work o f the institute*.

A ny profits accru- ing from our Press, Book Room , Guests* Room s, etc., are all used to glorify our Lord in the winning o f souls, for whom He died.

(Our Corner Stone) Dedicated u n t o Him that loved us and washed us form our sins in His own blood.” (Rev. :5>

Located in the Center of a Great City SOUND IN DOCTRINE—SANE IN DEPORTMENT— SINCERE IN DEVOTION—SUCCESSFUL IN BUSINESS FOR GOD. The deed to the property upon which the building stands, is based upon a DOCTRINAL STATEMENT of which the following i>s a synopsis : Thç Trinity o f the Godhead. The N ecessity o f the New Birth. The Deity o f the Christ. The Maintenance o f Good W orks. The Personality o f the H oly Ghost. The Second Coming o f Christ. The Supernatural and Plenary authority The Everlasting Existence o f the Spirit. of- the H oly Scriptures. The Resurrection o f the Body. The Unity in D iversity o f thé Church, The Life Everlasting o f Believers. the Body and Bride o f Christ. The Endless Punishment o f the Impeni- The .Substitutionary Atonement. tent. The Reality and Personality o f Satan. W e hold to the H istoric Faith o f the Church as expressed in the Common Creed o f Evangelical Christendom : EVERY MEMBER o f the BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE FACULTY, and every DEPARTMENT HEAD must SIGN this STATEMENT OF DOCTRINE EVERY YEAR. No one can ever Teach or Preach in this Institute who does not subscribe to this statement. DEPARTMENTS OF WORK In addition to the training of young men and women to know and use the Bible in any form of Christian work to which the Lord may call them, the Institute carries an active evangelistic work in the following departments: Bible Women (seventeen paid and five volunteer workers) ; Seamen s Work in Pacific Coast harbors; Jewish Work; Shop Work; Spanish Work; Biola Hall (Our City Mission for Men in Los Angeles); Biola Club (Center for Bible Classes and soul-saving work m Pasadena) ; Colportage Work in Hunan Province, China (Nine boats “Floating Bible Schools“ with 117 native workers; over 187,000 homes visited in 1920). Bible Institute of Los Angeles LYMAN STEWART, Presiden REV. R. A . TORREY, D. D., Dean REV. RALPH ATKINSON, D. D „ Assistant Dean REV. JOHN HUNTER, Secretary o f Faculty T. C. HORTON, Superintendent WRITE US FOR FURTHER INFORMATION.

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