You Get Direct Access To The NYC Marathon

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You Get Direct Access to the NYC Marathon

Most people are sleeping at 4:30 in the morning— but not TomMoriarty. Instead, this past summer and fall you’d find him beginning his morning run in preparation for the New York City Marathon. The 2016 NYC Marathon holds extra significance to Tom. His first attempt in 2015 ended with him withdrawing due to a recurrent leg injury. After that experience, Tom knew he would need to do something different this year. When he found out that New Jersey state law allows anyone to see a physical therapist without a prescription, he reached out directly to JointCare Physical Therapy to see how they could help him reach his goal. A JointCare therapist conducted a thorough assessment of Tom’smovement impairments and his existing exercise program. He thenworkedwith the therapist one-on-one to create a personalized corrective exercise and training regimen that was designed to reduce the frequency of his nagging, recurrent injuries and to improve his overall performance.

Months later, Tom successfully completed his first NYC marathon pain-free. He was able to reduce his marathon time by 50minutes and was even able to complete it with a negative split. Congratulations Tom! “Thanks to JointCare for helping me get it done. They gave me the exercise to strengthen my legs and this year I was able to train the whole time without any injuries.” Do you or someone you know suffer from pain? Don’t let it prevent you from achieving your goals! Call us now to set up your FREE consultation and let us help you get back to top performance.

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