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Does your neck hurt? You might be suffering from stress-related pain — also called a tension headache. During anxiety, muscles tense up. As muscle tension tightens, the back, shoulders and neck are affected. The more pressure they cause, the more discomfort you get. Let’s take a closer look at stress-related neck pain. Is My Neck Pain Caused by Stress? Pain worsened by keeping your head in one place — like when you’re driving, or using a computer — is neck pain. While neck pain has a slew of symptoms, its major symptoms, reported by Mayo Clinic, are:

Stress-inducedneckpain isn’trare. Italso isn’tpsychological.Manyexperts think stress-induced neck pain is caused by physical factors — low, but constant, trapeziusmuscleactivity. Ifyourneckpainstartsat thebaseof your shoulders, traveling upward, it may be stress related. Causes of Stress-Related Neck Pain Whilestressalonecantriggerneckpain,a few factorscanmake itworse. Officeenvironmentstendtocreateneckpainproblems—astheyconfine people to chairs, bad posture and little mobility. Driving often, too, can make your chances of stress-related neck pain higher. TheU.S.NationalLibraryofMedicinesuggestscontactingaprofessional if you’re experiencing neck pain. Even if it’s caused by stress, untreated neck pain might later reveal muscle spasms, arthritis, bulging discs or even narrowed spinal nerve openings.

• Muscle tightness and spasms • Headaches • Decreased ability to move the head



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If you’re dealing with neck pain, you’re not alone. Call our office today, and schedule an assessment. Even if your neck pain is caused by stress, itstillneedsattention.We’llworksidebysidewithyourgoals,creatingthe proactive, effective programs you need to achieve mobility once more.

MICHAEL J. COOK Registered Massage Therapist DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS SPECIAL OFFER! 30 Your Initial Assessm nt and following treatments at our Tillsonburg Clinic % OFF If you don’t see relief within two weeks, contact a professional. Physiotherapists can target your pain’s source by examining your symptoms. Then, they can offer exercises that stretch, flex and relax yourneckmuscles. Intime,yourneckwillbecomemoreresilient—giving youthecomfortyoudeserve.Whereafter-caretreatment isconsidered, custom-tailored neck exercises will assure your neck stays loose, limber and healthy. Michael combines the best aspects of Massage, Acupuncture and Athletic Therapy to provide a safe but aggressive and effective, individualized rehabilitation programs ensuring the patient reaches their optimal goals quickly and economically. How Physiotherapy Can Help My Neck Pain Neckpain, fortunately,canbealleviatedwithphysiotherapy.Becauseneck pain is often caused by activity, different activity can cure it. Sometimes, this “activity” means “no activity.” Before you contact a professional, try reducing your neck movements. Sometimes, simply letting your neck muscles relax is enough.



We are excited to welcome the clients of Tillsonburg to the South Coast family! Our detailed initial consultations help our physiotherapists in better identifying and understanding your problem and formulating an effective treatment plan designed specifically for you. Toensureabetterprognosis forourpatients,ourphysiotherapistsworkwith you through the acute stages of pain and injury, leading to stabilization and rehabilitation. Our physiotherapists and other health professionals ensure that quality healthcare is provided to each and every patient through the use of proven care pathways.

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1. Aim for lucky number seven. Young and middle-age adults who sleep 7 hours a night have less calcium in their arteries (an early sign of heart disease) than those who sleep 5 hours or less or those who sleep 9 hours or more. 2. Keep the pressure off. Get your blood pressure checked every 3-5 years if you’re 18-39. If you’re 40 or older, or if you have high blood pressure, check it every year. 3. Move more. To keep it simple, you can aim for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week of moderate exercise. Even if you exercise for 30 minutes a day, being sedentary for the other 23 1/2 hours is really bad for your heart. 4. Slash saturated fats. To help your heart’s arteries, cut down on saturated fats, which are mainly found in meat and full-fat dairy products. Choose leaner cuts and reduced-fat options. 5. Find out if you have diabetes. Millions of people don’t know that they have this condition. That’s risky because over time, high

blood sugar damages arteries and makes heart disease more likely.

6. Think beyond the scale. Ask your doctor if your weight is OK. If you have some pounds to lose, you’ll probably want to change your eating habits and be more active. 7. Ditch the cigarettes, real and electronic. Smoking and secondhand smoke are bad for your heart. If you smoke, quit, and don’t spend time around others who smoke as well. E-cigarettes are popular, but they’re not completely problem-free. They don’t contain the harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke but, they still do contain nicotine, so your goal should be to quit completely, not just switch to a less toxic version. 8. Clean up. Your heart works best when it runs on clean fuel. That means lots of whole, plant-based foods (like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds) and fewer refined or processed foods (like white bread, pasta, crackers, and cookies).


1. Call and consult with a physiotherapist at one of our locations to discuss your pain and symptoms.


Sit comfortably for longer Walk longer distances Maintain a healthy life

Move without pain Bend and move freely

2. Your physiotherapist may suggest exercises or precautionary measures to relieve or avoid pain.

Balance confidently & securely


3. If further assessment is needed to find the cause of your pain, your therapist can schedule an appointment with you.


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