Don’t give up waterfront parkland to private interests

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their waterfronts as a result of private de- velopments. The city’s prime downtown waterfront parkland between the cotton mills in the east and the Domtar property in the west should remain as parkland for the enjoy- ment of the people of this community and visitors to our city. Furthermore, there are many other places

To the editor:

I am pleased that so many local resi- dents attended the waterfront public meetings on June 12 to express their op- position to the City of Cornwall Water- front Development Committee’s proposed three to four storey condo- minium project.

$ More practioners living in the community

Ray Eady

The condominium or com- mercial building was pro- posed for the city’s waterfront between the civic complex/aquatic centre and Marina 200. I hope that the Waterfront Development Committee got the message that local resi- dents do not want private developments on our down- town waterfront parkland

in Cornwall that are avail- able to developers to build private residential and com- mercial buildings. The city’s downtown wa- terfront parkland is a great asset and attraction for the city of Cornwall which pro- motes recreation, culture, heritage preservation, tourism, and improves the quality of life in our commu-

We should learn from the experience of other Ontario cities that have paved over their waterfronts as a result of private developments.

$More empathy towards patients

Vickie Eady

and will respect the wishes of the people. If this ill-considered proposal by the Wa- terfront Development Committee is ap- proved, it will open the door to other private developments on our downtown waterfront parkland, including a hotel and more condos. We should learn from the experience of other Ontario cities that have paved over

nity. We should not give up to private develop- ers our beautiful downtown waterfront parkland which has been a gathering place for the enjoyment of our residents and vis- itors since 1974.

$It s important for all people to have a healthy lifestyle.

Tim Sage

Brian Lynch, Cornwall

Waterfront not just for the rich

« Il devrait y avoir des frais de 5,00$ ou 10,00 $ pour chaque visite en clinique médicale »

only the rich condo,suppliers, builders and buyers. This was modelled after Blockhouse Is- land in Brockville. They have a lot going on in their water- front. I am sure it wouldn’t cost to much to learn from them. The newwaterfront committee forgot why they are there. They are there to save our waterfront for all of us not the few rich, for example build- ing suppliers, builders and those that could afford to buy a condo in that prime area of Cornwall.

To the editor:

Re: City waterfront report:

Brian Goodfellow

What happened to the ideas that were brought forward by the previous water- front committee? There was an excellent article in both of Cornwall’s weekly papers from Gerry La- herty. It reminded us of an excellent plan to have great river views with easy auto access for the public year round,called Lookout Point or Pointe Maligne Lookout. This would be used by all of the people of Cornwall. This is our land for the benefit of us all not I would like to again give a big thank- you to the man who found my purse which I had left in a grocery cart. I just prior stumbled while putting gro- ceries in my trunk hurting my knee. After bringing the grocery cart back to the stall I placed my hand to my knee and re- turned to my car. It was not until I was a few blocks from the store I realized I had left my purse. I returned in a panic and was distraught when observing empty grocery carts in the stall. Robyn Gu ndon Pharmacie Ltée. Centre d’achats Cornwall Square Cornwall Square Shopping Centre 1, rue Water St. E., Cornwall ON • 613 938-6060 LIVRAISON/DELIVERY Home Medication reviews Étude sur soins à domicile Mail East Court Mall 1380, 2e rue Est, Cornwall ON 1380, Second Street East • 613 937-0956 To the editor:

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Honest citizen hands in lost purse

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The look on my face must have told the gentleman who waited in his car for my re- turn I was the one. I asked him if he had found my purse and he told me he had handed it in to courtesy desk. I emotionally thanked him and proceeded to park my car as I was blocking the throughway. When I got out he had left and I did not have a chance to shake his hand. If I had the chance now, I would give him a big hug.

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