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Growing WE Villages Health Expertise and Capacity Through Medical Trips

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WE Villages Development Model


Medical Trips Program


Program Objectives and Outcomes


The Need for Improved Health Care

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Medical Trips Program

WE Villages Development Model

Medical Trips Program

Formore than twodecades,WEVillages has beenengineeringan international development model to end poverty. It’s not a handout or a single solution, but a combination of key interventions that empower a community to help themselves. Our core mission is empowerment. WE Villages enables people to create positive change in developing countries, where our local staff work with rural villages and regional governments to support, educate and empower people within our five Pillars of Impact. Through the Health Pillar of Impact, we deliver affordable, accessible and effective health care. We havemade significant strides in addressing the lack of health care services in Kenya through the construction of Baraka Hospital and Kishon Health Center. These two health facilities offer preventative and curative health care, transforming health care accessibility for our partner communities with effective, high-quality services.

In recent years, the government of Kenya has worked to gradually improve the overall health of its people and the conditions of daily life. However, for many regions the provision of health services remains a specific challenge. WE Charity operates in rural Kenya, where 80 percent of the Kenyan population resides. In these areas, there is severely limited access to health services, underscoring the critical need for WE Charity health centers, which are vital to improving health care accessibility. Since its inception in 2012, our medical trips program has created a dynamic engagement opportunity for medical practitioners to join us in Kenya and work alongside our WE Villages health care team. Participants on these medical trips play a significant role in assessing, diagnosing and treating large numbers of patients, and working with local medical staff to help build capacity and skills. The medical trips program delivers a meaningful and engaging experience to members of the medical community and leaves a lasting legacy of connection and healing.

These important trips are instrumental, not only from a capacity-building perspective, but also for creating unique training opportunities for our in-country staff, engaging unique expertise and providing world-class health care that would otherwise not be available. The program is implemented through:

These are our five Pillars of Impact that lead our WE Village communities to true independence: Education Water Health Food Opportunity

ME to WE Implementation partner

WE Charity Charity partner

Medical trips programming is implemented through ME to WE Trips—immersive volunteer experiences where medical professionals are guided with care from start to finish.

WE Villages communities benefit directly from medical trips programming—through these volunteer trips and general health care development funding.


Medical Trips Program

Program Objectives and Outcomes

The Need for Improved Health Care

The medical trips program in Kenya is centered on four main objectives:

High rates of extreme poverty make health care inaccessible to hundreds of thousands of people in Kenya. Without this much-needed access, poor health often goes untreated, risking the stability of the entire household, and resulting in the loss of work, wages and productivity, further contributing to the cycle of poverty. In the country, there are only 20 physicians for every 100,000 members of the population. Medical trips have been transformative for qualified medical professionals, as it’s a unique opportunity to serve the communities we work with. Trips are also incredible development and learning opportunities for our health teams on the ground.

Support medical infrastructure in communities around the world

Screening, diagnosis and treatment of local communities

Health care capacity-building of local physicians

“This experience renewed in me the motivation that initially led me to a career in medicine. I enjoyed absolutely every aspect of my time in Baraka and Bogani, and in Kenya in general. I felt a profound connection with the patients and sensed their gratitude constantly.”

Physician engagement


— Shelly Rivas 2016 participant

Our medical trips programming has inspired hundreds of dermatology professionals and has provided services to thousands of patients in our WE Villages partner communities. Impacts to date include:

Patients served through screening and treatment

Local students screened over the course of the program



Medical volunteer trips from 2012 to 2018

Practitioners have volunteered their time




Medical Trips Program

How the Program Works


As the medical trips service provider, ME to WE brings more than 16 years of experience managing travel itineraries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Each participant is assigned a dedicated trip coordinator who manages the entire trip booking, registration and pre- departure process, including: • Advising on visa and inoculation requirements • Issuing medical insurance • Providing packing and destination information • Hosting informational webinars online • Collecting personal information such as dietary needs, medical information and emergency contacts to ensure a personalized service We would like to invite you and your family to join us in Kenya in Spring 2019. For those interested in participating, call into our Trips Department, and one of our specialists would be happy to help. The application process includes the completion of a form, as well as the submission of your medical credentials, resume and two professional references. From these applications, ME toWE will select a well-rounded and diversified group of participants comprised of dermatologists, dermatology physician assistants, medical assistants, as well as nurses. PARTICIPANT SELECTION


Medical Trips Program

How the Program Works

Dermatology Clinical Base in Kenya


Participants of the Medical Trips Dermatology Programwill spend their time volunteering at Baraka Hospital. Owned and operated by WE Charity, Baraka serves approximately 50,000 immediate community members and provides critically important outpatient services to the most vulnerable segments of the Kenyan population.

Since 2002, over 42,000 adults and youth have traveled safely on ME to WE Trips to destinations around the world. Safety and security is a top priority, and ME to WE has proactive safety measures and protocols in place, including: • A group facilitator guiding travel and activities for all medical trips participants from the moment they arrive at the destination airport • ME to WE hosts who are a part of a skilled facilitation team, comprised of both inter- national and local staff trained in risk mitigation • Support networks in the international diplomatic community • Adherence to strict safety requirements that have been tested and approved by government dignitaries, distinguished guests and celebrities, such as HRH Prince Edward, Sir Richard Branson and Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer, Facebook, among many others Based in the beautiful Maasai Mara, participants have the opportunity to experience ME to WE programming to see how our full WE Villages model comes together to provide not only health care, but access to education, clean water, food security and income generating opportunities to lift communities out of poverty. In the backdrop of this life-changing work is Bogani Cottages and Tented Camp, offering authentic African décor and comfort in the heart of the Maasai Mara. Traditional safari tents feature stone flooring and fully paneled windows and doors. All accommodations offer daily laundry service, toiletries, hot showers and running water, as well as 24-hour electricity. WHERE YOU STAY

Preventative services include:

Curative services include:

• Maternal services • Child welfare clinic • Education and counseling sessions • Immunizations and nutritional supplements

• Antenatal and postnatal care • Laboratory testing • Pharmaceutical drug treatments • Surgeries performed in surgical wing

Medical trips dermatology volunteers will spend their time diagnosing and treating patients, as well as prescribing medication. Common skin conditions presented during medical trips include eczema, acne, scabies, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, warts and psoriasis.

In addition to daily clinical practice, the medical trips itinerary also includes:

• Health screenings at local schools • Visiting a local homestead to frame health care management and outcomes in rural communities • Nightly case study sessions and round-table discussions


Medical Trips Program

Kenya In-Country Experience

Day One: Sunday Evening arrival in Nairobi

Day Three: Tuesday Volunteer at Baraka Begin your week of volunteering with our local health care team. You will work to diagnose and prescribe treatment for a range of skin conditions. Medical Outreach Help screen students and community members in WE Villages primary schools. Day Four: Wednesday Volunteer at Baraka Spend the day preventing further illnesses by identifying potential causes of common dermatological conditions present in communities. Case Study Review Spend the evening back at Bogani reviewing your cases of the day. Share strategies and learnings with your new colleagues and prepare for the following day. Day Five: Thursday Meet the girls of WE College Learn about the future of education in the Mara, ßWE College. Have the chance to interact with the col- lege’s first Nursing cohort and learn how they plan to impact their communities through healt care. Education Session with Baraka Staff A fantastic learning opportunity for the staff and practi- tioners of Baraka! Beading with the Mamas Learn more about the artisans and how their work ties into the Opportunity Pillar of the WE Vilalges model. Take some time to visit our Duka, the perfect place to find locally sourced gifts and ME to WE Artisan accessories made by local Maasai women.

You will be welcomed by your in-country facilitator and transferred to your hotel. Rest for the night to start your ME to WE adventure the next day! Day Two: Monday Fly from Nairobi to the Maasai Mara Take a short flight from Wilson Airport to Nairobi. Look for the herds of local wildlife as you fly over the Mara and descend into the Great Rift Valley. Welcome & Orientation Settle into your bespoke lodgings, where you can relax and reflect after an invigorating day of volunteering at Baraka Hospital. Baraka serves over 30,000 community members, promoting healthy living and providing preventative, curative and rehabilitative services to the most vulnerable segments of the Kenyan population. Homestead Visit Get a firsthand look at how WE Charity’s five-pillar sustainable development model is making an impact on the community’s health. Welcome Dinner Relax in the atmosphere of the Mara as you enjoy your first dinner at Bogani. Share stories with fellow travelers and get to know our team at Baraka before your first active day at the hospital.


Medical Trips Program

Kenya In-Country Experience

Day Six: Friday Final Day at Baraka

Trip Costs:

Say kwaheri (goodbye) to the community and Baraka staff as you finish up your tasks and see the progress you have made throughout the week. Medicinal Walk and Maasai Warrior Training Enjoy a leisurely hike as you learn about medicinal herbs from local Maasai warriors and training the art of Maasai weaponry. Join them as they speak about their commu- nity, culture, practices and share lion-slaying stories. Nyama Choma Dinner Spend your final night at Bogani relaxing and enjoying a traditional Nyama Coma dinner – Kenya’s barbeque. Day Seven: Saturday Depart Bogani for Nairobi Fly back to Nairobi, landing at Wilson Airport. You will be checked-in to a day-room until your inter- national flight home. Kwaherinina safari Jemma! …Or ask an agent about how to extend your trip!

$600 USD PP Single Supplement

$500 USD PP Bogani Cottage Supplement (min. of 3 guests)

$3,495 USD PP

Bogani Tented Camp (double occupancy)

Inclusions • ME to WE professional facilitator • Domestic transportation throughout the duration of the trip • Accommodation in Nairobi and at Bogani Cottages & Tented Camp (6 nights) • Entrance fees to sights in Nairobi • All meals and drinks at Bogani, including purified water, sodas, beer and wine • All activities as outlined in the itinerary

Exclusions • International airfare to and from Nairobi

• Kenya Entry Visa • Travel insurance

*please note that this itinerary is subject to change.

Call a ME to WE agent today to complete your application! | 1 .416.964.8942 ext . 8938


Medical Trips Program

For more information please contact: Contact a ME to WE agent today to complete your application. Email: | Phone: 1.416.964.8942 ext. 8938 Together We Can Change the World

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