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21.03.040 State Environment Policy Act (SEPA)

“variance,” which was used in prior editions of the Surface Water Design Manual. 2. AKART. “All known, available and reasonable methods of prevention, control and treatment.” “AKART” represents the most current methodology that can be reasonably required for preventing, controlling or abating the pollutants associated with a discharge. “AKART” applies to both point and nonpoint sources of pollution. 3. Applicant. A property owner or a public agency or public or private utility that owns a right-of-way or other easement or has been adjudicated the right to such an easement under RCW 8.12.090, or any person or entity designated or named in writing by the property or easement owner to be the applicant, in an application for a development proposal, permit or approval. 4. Basin. A geographic area that contains and drains to a stream or river named and noted on common maps, such as the Cedar River, Sammamish River, Green River, Snoqualmie River, Skykomish River or White River, or a geographic area that drains to a nonflowing water body named and noted on common maps, such as Lake Washington or Puget Sound. 5. Basin plan. A plan and all implementing regulations and procedures including, but not limited to, capital projects, public education activities and land use management regulations adopted by ordinance for managing surface and stormwater within the basin. Adopted basin plans are available from the department.


21.03.050 Surface Water Management (Title 13) A. Authority, Purpose, General Provisions, and Administration

1. Authority

Pursuant to RCW 35.21.180, 35A.11.020, and 35A.21.160, the City adopts this Section.

2. General Provisions

This Section is hereby enacted to be consistent with and implement the comprehensive plan in accordance with Chapter 36.70A RCW.

3. Administration

Applicable departments within the City are authorized to adopt, pursuant to Chapter 2.55 SMC, such administrative rules and regulations as are necessary and appropriate to implement this Section and to prepare and require the use of such forms as are necessary to its administration.

B. Definitions

This chapter contains definitions of technical and procedural terms used throughout this Section. 1. Adjustment. A department-approved variation in the application of the requirements of SDC 21.03.050D. and the Surface Water Design Manual to a particular project in accordance with SDC 21.03.050D.3. “Adjustment” replaces

Revisions | June 29, 2022 Effective | January 1, 2022

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