Sammamish Unified Development Code

Environment & Sustainability | Surface Water Management (Title 13)

5. Engineering plans for the purposes of drainage review

c. All plans shall be processed in accordance with the review procedures specified in the Surface Water Design Manual. d. Submittal procedures, definitions and specifications for the required contents of engineering plans are presented in the Surface Water Design Manual.

a. These requirements are in addition to the submittal requirements established by SDC 21.09.010. i. All engineering plans shall be submitted to the City for review in accordance with the Surface Water Design Manual except those drainage plans developed by, or under the review of, the City of Sammamish department of public works for either surface and stormwater capital improvement, repair, maintenance or restoration projects or other linear government agency projects, such as roadways, railways, pipelines, utility lines and trails. ii. If engineering plans are returned for any reason, they shall be returned to the applicant. iii. All master drainage plans, if required, shall be submitted to the City for review in accordance with the specifications in the Surface Water Design Manual. The master drainage plan process should commence at the same time as the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) process. iv. Drainage plans not subject to review by the City under subsection 2.a. of this section shall be reviewed by the department of public works in accordance with this chapter. Project applicability and compliance with this chapter shall be documented in writing and available for review. b. The expiration time frames as specified in the Surface Water Design Manual shall apply to all permit and approval applications.

6. Construction timing and final approval

a. No work related to permanent or temporary storm drainage control for a permitted development may proceed without the approval of the director. b. Erosion and sediment control measures associated with both the interim and permanent drainage systems shall be: i. Constructed in accordance with the approved plan prior to any grading or land clearing other than that associated with an approved erosion and sediment control plan; and ii. Satisfactorily sequenced and maintained until all improvements, restoration, and landscaping associated with the permit and approvals for the project are completed and the potential for on-site erosion has passed. c. The applicant shall have constructed and have in operation those portions of the drainage facilities necessary to accommodate the control of surface and stormwater runoff discharging from the site before the construction of any other improvements or buildings on the site, or in accordance with SDC 21.02.060.

Revisions | June 29, 2022 Effective | January 1, 2022

148 | Title 21: Sammamish Development Code

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