Sammamish Unified Development Code

Surface Water Management (Title 13) | Environment & Sustainability

7. Liability insurance required

the maintenance of a private storm or surface water drainage system component, and b. all of the following conditions have been met: i. All necessary easements or dedications entitling the City to properly maintain the drainage facility have been conveyed to the City; ii. The director has determined that the facility is in the dedicated public road right-of-way or that maintenance of the facility will contribute to protecting or improving the health, safety and welfare of the community based upon review of the existence of or potential for:

The applicant required to construct the drainage facility pursuant to this chapter shall maintain a combined single limit per occurrence liability policy in the amount established annually by the City, which shall name City as an additional insured and protect the City from liability relating to the construction or maintenance of the facility until construction approval or acceptance for maintenance, whichever is last. Proof of this required liability policy shall be provided to the director prior to commencing construction of any drainage facility. If this liability insurance is not kept in effect as required, the City may initiate enforcement action pursuant to SMC Title 23.

a) Flooding,

8. Financial guarantees authorized

b) Downstream erosion,

The City is authorized to require all applicants issued permits or approvals under the provisions of this Section to post financial guarantees consistent with the provisions of SMC Title 27A.

c) Property damage due to improper function of the facility,

d) Safety hazard associated with the facility,

9. Drainage facilities accepted by Sammamish for maintenance

e) Degradation of water quality or in-stream resources, or f) Degradation to the general welfare of the community; and

a. The City is responsible for the maintenance, including performance and operation, of drainage facilities which have formally been accepted for maintenance by the director. b. The City may assume maintenance of privately maintained drainage facilities only if a. the City first determines that a clear public benefit will result, greater in scope than the public cost, from the use of public resources to participate wholly or partially in

iii. The director has declared in writing acceptance of maintenance responsibility by the City. Copies of this document will be kept on file in the department of public works.

Effective | January 1, 2022 Revisions | June 29, 2022

Title 21: Sammamish Development Code | 149

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