Sammamish Unified Development Code

Environment & Sustainability | Surface Water Management (Title 13)

c. The director may terminate the department’s assumption of maintenance responsibilities in writing after determining that continued maintenance will not significantly contribute to protecting or improving the health, safety and welfare of the community based upon review of the existence of or potential for:

shall remain responsible for the facility’s continual performance, operation and maintenance in accordance with the standards and requirements of the department and remain responsible for any liability as a result of these duties. This responsibility includes maintenance of a drainage facility which is:

i. Flooding;

i. Under a maintenance guarantee or defect guarantee;

ii. Downstream erosion;

ii. A private road conveyance system;

iii. Property damage due to improper function of the facility;

iii. Released from all required financial guarantees prior to July 7, 1980; iv. Located within and serving only one single-family residential lot; v. Located within and serving a multifamily or commercial site unless the facility is part of an approved shared facility plan; vi. Located within or associated with a short subdivision or subdivision which handles runoff from an area of which less than two-thirds is designated for detached or townhouse dwelling units located on individual lots unless the facility is part of an approved shared facility plan; vii. Previously terminated for assumption of maintenance responsibilities by the department in accordance with this chapter; or

iv. Safety hazard associated with the facility;

v. Degradation of water quality or in-stream resources; or vi. Degradation to the general welfare of the community. Copies of this document will be kept on file in the department of public works. d. A drainage facility which does not meet the criteria of this section shall remain the responsibility of the applicant required to construct the facility and persons holding title to the property for which the facility was required. 10. Drainage facilities not accepted by Sammamish for maintenance a. The person or persons holding title to the property and the applicant required to construct a drainage facility

viii. Not otherwise accepted by the City for maintenance.

Revisions | June 29, 2022 Effective | January 1, 2022

150 | Title 21: Sammamish Development Code

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