Sammamish Unified Development Code

Clearing and Grading | Environment & Sustainability

of individual lots. For parcels created after December 31, 2021 applicants must demonstrate that the need for additional excavation and fill cannot be alleviated by increasing the parcel size, shifting the locations of buildings and improvements, altering the building design, or other similar measures.

such as concrete slabs, tree stumps, brush, and car bodies.

f. Fill Material. Except in an approved sanitary landfill, only earth materials that have no rock or similar irreducible material with a maximum dimension greater than 18 inches shall be used.

g. Drainage. Provisions shall be made to:

iv. Exceptions. The excavation and fill limitations of this subsection shall not apply to road construction, necessary underground infrastructure, and structures that do not change the surface elevation (e.g., vaults, utility trenches, foundations, basements, etc. b. Permit Approval. On sites where development is proposed or anticipated, land clearing shall not take place until a construction permit is approved, addressing all land use requirements and presenting final engineering design consistent with applicable development standards and adopted Public Works Standards. c. Slope. No slope of cut and fill surfaces shall be steeper than is safe for the intended use and shall not exceed two horizontal to one vertical, unless otherwise approved by the director. d. Erosion Control. All disturbed areas including faces of cuts and fill slopes shall be prepared and maintained to control erosion in compliance with subsection 1. of this section. e. Preparation of Ground. The ground surface shall be prepared to receive fill by removing unsuitable material

1) Prevent any surface water or seepage from damaging the cut face of any excavations or the sloping face of a fill; i. Carry any surface waters that are or might be concentrated as a result of a fill or excavation to a natural watercourse, or by other means approved by the City engineer. h. Bench/Terrace. Benches, if required, at least 10 feet in width shall be back-sloped and shall be established at not more than 25 feet vertical intervals to control surface drainage and debris. Swales or ditches on benches shall have a maximum gradient of five percent. i. Access Roads – Maintenance. Access roads to grading sites shall be maintained and located to the satisfaction of the City engineer to minimize problems of dust, mud, and traffic circulation. j. Access Roads – Gate. Access roads to grading sites shall be controlled by a gate when required by the director. k. Warning Signs. Signs warning of hazardous conditions, if such exist, shall be affixed at locations as required by the director.

Effective | January 1, 2022

Title 21: Sammamish Development Code | 187

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