Sammamish Unified Development Code

District Standards—Density and Dimensions | Zoning Districts

a. Sprinkler systems, heat pumps, air conditioning units, electrical and cellular equipment cabinets and other similar utility boxes and vaults;

b. In the absence of said specifications, not within 10 feet of the property line for storm water vaults and structures, and not within five feet of the property line for conveyance systems.

b. Security system access controls;

c. Structures, except for buildings, associated with trails and on-site recreation spaces and play areas required in SDC 21.02.030I. and SDC 21.02.030K. such as benches, picnic tables and drinking fountains; and d. Surface water management facilities as required by Chapter 9.04 KCC as adopted by SDC 21.03.050;

U. Height—Exceptions to limits

10. Mailboxes and newspaper boxes may project into or be located within front yard setbacks;

The following structures may be erected above the height limits of SDC 21.04.030.C through SDC 21.04.030E.: 1. Roof structures housing or screening elevators, stairways, tanks, ventilating fans or similar equipment required for building operation and maintenance; and 2. Fire or parapet walls, skylights, flagpoles, public athletic field lighting, chimneys, smokestacks, church steeples, crosses, spires, communication transmission and receiving structures, utility line towers and poles, and similar structures. 3. Netting or fencing and support structures for the netting or fencing used to contain golf balls in the operation of golf courses or golf driving ranges may have a maximum height of 75 feet.

11. Fire hydrants and associated appendages;

12. Metro bus shelters may be located within front yard setbacks;

13. Unless otherwise allowed in SDC 21.06.050F.1., freestanding and monument signs four feet or less in height, with a maximum sign area of 20 square feet, may project into or be located within front yard setbacks; and 14. Stormwater vaults, structures, and conveyance systems, both above and below ground, provided such projections are: a. Consistent with setback, easement and access requirements specified in the current Surface Water Design Manual; or

Effective | January 1, 2022

Title 21: Sammamish Development Code | 211

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