Sammamish Unified Development Code

Zoning Districts | District Standards—Density and Dimensions

4. In the R-18 zone, structures may be up to 80 feet in height for projects using residential density incentives and transfer of density credits pursuant to this title. 5. For school and government uses, structure height may exceed the maximum structure height by one foot for every one foot the front, side, and rear yard setbacks are increased above the minimum setbacks; provided, however, the maximum structure height may not exceed 75 feet.

iii. The transfer enhances the efficient use of needed infrastructure; iv. The transfer does not result in significant adverse impacts to the low density portion of the lot; v. The transfer contributes to preservation of environmentally sensitive areas, wildlife corridors, or other natural features; and vi. The transfer does not result in significant adverse impacts to adjoining lower density properties; c. Compliance with these criteria shall be evaluated during review of any development proposals in which such a transfer is proposed; and 3. Uses on each portion of the lot shall only be those permitted in each zone pursuant to Chapter 21.05 SDC.

V. Lot divided by zone boundary

When a lot is divided by a zone boundary, the following rules shall apply: 1. When a lot contains both residential and nonresidential zoning, the zone boundary between the zones shall be considered a lot line for determining permitted building height and required setbacks on the site;

2. When a lot contains residential zones of varying density:

a. Any residential density transfer within the lot shall be allowed from the portion with the lesser residential density to that of the greater residential density; b. Residential density transfer from the higher density zone to the lower density zone may be allowed only when: i. The units transferred from any R-12 or R-18 zoned portion of the lot are maintained in an attached dwelling unit configuration on the lower density portion receiving such units; ii. The transfer does not reduce the minimum density achievable on the lot;

212 | Title 21: Sammamish Development Code

Effective | January 1, 2022

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