Sammamish Unified Development Code

Development Standards | Wireless Communication Facilities

21.06.060 Wireless Communication Facilities A. Purpose

signs prior to their disposal shall pay an impoundment fee pursuant to SMC 23.100.010. b. For signs with a fair market value exceeding $500.00, the City shall provide notice by mail to the following: i. Sign Owner. If the mailing address can be determined by the City after reasonable efforts in investigation. “Reasonable efforts” shall include investigation efforts that take no longer than one- half hour of staff time. ii. Underlying Property Owner. If the address of the sign owner cannot be reasonably ascertained, the City shall mail the notice to the underlying real property owner, as identified in the records of the King County assessor’s office.

The purpose of this chapter is to allow the deployment of wireless communication facilities (WCF) and provide WCF service to Sammamish residents while not compromising public health, safety, welfare, and the visual and aesthetic beauty of Sammamish. This code is designed to serve as a local regulatory tool assisting service providers, citizens, and City staff in navigating the federally preemptive regulatory field of wireless service. This shall be done by: 1. Interpreting the code to protect the visual and natural environmental beauty of the City of Sammamish; and 2. Facilitating fair and consistent design, siting, and deployment by providing a clear and predictable permit process for network providers and the community; and 3. Utilizing design and concealment concepts consistent with and complementary of colors and textures found in the natural and built environment; and 4. Protecting the use and purpose of the public right-of-way to ensure a safe driving and pedestrian environment; and 5. Providing an administrative review process to ensure that WCFs are evaluated in a fair and timely manner in accordance with other City goals and policies; and 6. Upholding the goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan; and

362 | Title 21: Sammamish Development Code

Effective | January 1, 2022

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