Sammamish Unified Development Code

Development Standards | Wireless Communication Facilities

existing pole or the minimum additional height necessary for adequate clearance from electric wires, whichever is greater. Any pole exceeding these size limitations shall be considered a new installment for purposes of this chapter, regardless of whether it will physically replace an existing pole. Provided that additional height may be allowed for a replacement pole when necessary to facilitate relocation of a bird nest feature or a nest structure in accordance with SDC 21.06.060H.1. or SDC 21.06.060L.1.a. 19. Radio frequency (RF). The number of times the current from a given source of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation changes from a maximum positive level through a maximum negative level and back to a maximum positive level in one second; measured in cycles per second or hertz. 20. Satellite dish antenna(s). A type of antenna(s) and supporting structure consisting of a solid, open mesh, or bar configured reflective surface used to receive and/or transmit radio frequency communication signals. Such an apparatus is typically in the shape of a shallow dish or cone. 21. Satellite dish, large. Any satellite dish antenna(s) whose diameter is greater than four feet (see “satellite dish antenna(s)”). 22. Satellite dish, small. Any satellite dish antenna(s) that has a diameter less than or equal to four feet. 23. Small wireless facility. A facility that meets the following conditions:

b. Is mounted on support structures no more than 10 percent taller than adjacent poles or support structures; or c. Does not extend existing support structures on which the facility is located to a height of more than 50 feet or more than 10 percent, whichever is greater; and d. Each antenna associated with the deployment, excluding associated antenna equipment (as defined in the definition of “antenna” in 47 CFR § 1.1320d.), is no more than three cubic feet in volume; and e. All other wireless equipment associated with the structure, including the wireless equipment associated with the antenna and any pre-existing associated equipment on the structure, is no more than 28 cubic feet in volume; and

f. The facilities do not require antenna structure registration under 47 CFR Part 17; and

g. The facilities are not located on tribal lands, as defined under 36 CFR § 800.16(x); and h. The facilities do not result in human exposure to radio frequency radiation in excess of the applicable safety standards specified in 47 CFR § 1.1307b. 24. Structure height. A pole/tower shall be measured from the average existing grade of land prior to any cuts and fills or other disturbances associated with the proposed project to the highest point of the structure. 25. Structure mounted facility. Wireless communication facility, including any mounting apparatus that is mounted on the

a. Is mounted on support structures 50 feet or less, including antenna; or

362 | Title 21: Sammamish Development Code

Effective | January 1, 2022

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