Sammamish Unified Development Code

Development Standards | Wireless Communication Facilities

signed affidavit must be signed by the authorized agent of the HOA and be on a form supplied by the City.

this subsection 2.c. Further, any small wireless facilities that trigger SEPA review (which is a Type 2 land use decision) shall be processed under this subsection 2.c. i. A conditional use permit may be granted by the director if the applicant demonstrates the following: a) The proposed facility cannot be sited pursuant to subsection 2.a. or 2.b. of this section while meeting network deployment objectives (if applicable); or collocation on a nearby facility is infeasible, unavailable, and/or will not meet network deployment objectives; or b) The applicant can demonstrate through technical analysis, subject to third-party review, that it is technically infeasible to meet the City’s Wireless Facilities Design Standards and the applicant can demonstrate that the SWF can still meet all other design elements of the City’s Wireless Facilities Design Standards other than the standard(s) that are technically infeasible.

b. Standard Wireless Use Permit (Type 1 Review). Small wireless facilities that otherwise meet the standards set forth in subsection 2.a.i. of this section, but that require minor deviations from the Wireless Facility Design Standards, shall instead generally be processed pursuant to the standard wireless use permit process under this subsection 2.b., unless the proposed small wireless facility requires a conditional use permit pursuant to the table contained in SDC 21.06.060G. i. “Minor deviations” are deviations to the dimensions, height, or volume of small wireless facilities which are necessary to conform the facilities to the requirements of the pole owner, provide adequate safety clearances, or address similar technical issues; provided, that such deviations do not cause the facility to exceed the cumulative totals provided by the definition of a small wireless facility and that such deviation does not defeat the concealment features set by the City’s Wireless Facility Design Standards. ii. The decision of the director to approve a small wireless facility minor deviation, if any, shall be final and not subject to appeal under City code. c. Conditional Use Permit (Type 2 Review). Small wireless facilities that require a conditional use permit per the table contained in SDC 21.06.060G. shall be processed according to the conditional use permit process under

L. Macro cell facilities

1. General.

a. New macro cell facilities shall not exceed 90 feet tall including antennas and equipment. Macro cell facilities may exceed this height limitation if approved by a conditional use permit. Provided that macro cell facilities may exceed 90 feet without a conditional use permit when necessary to add height to an existing structure where a bird nesting habitat feature/structure has been established at the top of the existing structure.

Errata Revisions | February 7, 2022 Effective | January 1, 2022

372 | Title 21: Sammamish Development Code

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