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Wireless Communication Facilities | Development Standards

In this circumstance additional height is allowed when the additional height is not for antennae extension and is the minimum height extension necessary to relocate the nest feature/structure and is designed in consultation with a qualified habitat biologist. b. For a non-City-owned structure in the public right- of-way onto which an applicant or network provider proposes to attach a macro cell facility, if the owner of the structure requires more restrictive standards than those in this chapter, then the more restrictive standards shall apply. If any portion of the privately owned structure is on private property, prior to installation the applicant must first obtain all applicable zoning and building/electrical permits in addition to right-of-way permits. c. Wireless communication facilities in the City’s shoreline jurisdiction or critical areas are subject to review as provided in SMC Title 25, Shoreline Management, SDC 21.03.020, Environmentally Critical Areas, and SDC 21.09.030, State Environmental Policy Act Procedures, as applicable. d. Macro cell facilities are prohibited on City-owned structures or property (unless allowed pursuant to a franchise agreement or lease approved by City council). e. New poles shall not be located in any zoning setback area on private and public property, as established for each zoning designation in SDC 21.04.030. This shall not apply to new poles in the right-of-way or along private streets.

f. Macro cell facilities shall be compliant with the Wireless Facility Design Standards. g. New macro facilities shall be designed to discourage use by birds as a habitat feature and/or nesting structure.

2. Review Process.

a. Standard Wireless Use Permit (Type 1 Review).

i. The following macro cell facilities may be permitted with a standard wireless use permit: a) Macro cell facilities collocating with an existing WCF. b) Macro cell facilities located on NB, CB, O and TC-A through TC-E zoned private property. c) Macro cell facilities mounted or attached to a building in a nonresidential zone. d) Macro cell facilities located within public right- of-way on existing poles/structures not currently housing a WCF, exclusive of right-of-way adjacent to R zones. e) Macro cell facilities along private streets on an existing or replacement support structure exclusive of any private roads in R zones.

f) Replacement poles as defined in SDC 21.06.060F.

b. Conditional Use Permit (Type 2 Review).

i. Macro cell facilities that cannot be sited pursuant to subsection 2.a. of this section or that require a

Effective | January 1, 2022

Title 21: Sammamish Development Code | 373

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