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Transfer of Development Rights | Development Standards

21.06.070 Transfer of Development Rights A. Purpose and intent 1. The purpose of the transfer of development rights (TDR) program is to implement a market-based tool to permanently preserve partially developed or undeveloped land with important public benefits, such as farmland, forestland, open space, and wildlife habitat, through the private acquisition of the development rights on those lands (“sending sites”) and the subsequent transfer of those rights to lands more suitable for development (“receiving sites”). 2. The TDR provisions supplement land use regulations, resource protection efforts and open space acquisition programs and are intended to encourage increased residential development density or increased commercial square footage where it can best be accommodated by: a. Providing an incentive process for property owners of partially developed property, undeveloped land, farmland, forestland, open space and wildlife habitat to preserve lands with a public benefit; and b. Providing an administrative review process to ensure that transfers of development rights are evaluated and administered in a fair and timely manner in accordance with other City goals and policies.

the public health, safety, welfare, or City property, the network provider shall within 24 hours remove or secure their facilities, at their sole expense, to the satisfaction of the designated official. c. Should a WCF or its related equipment become vandalized by graffiti, the network provider shall, within 14 calendar days of discovery or notification of the damage, either remove the graffiti or repaint the structure. d. All macro and small wireless poles shall contain a tag clearly visible and legible that identifies the owner and operator of the pole along with an emergency contact number for the pole owner. This does not apply to a provider leasing a pole from another entity like Puget Sound Energy.

P. Interference

Interference among WCF and between WCF and other equipment shall be governed by federal law and the FCC’s rules and regulations with respect to radio frequency interference.

B. Applicability

All new development on a site identified as a receiving site pursuant to SDC 21.06.070D. shall have the option to acquire a certified transfer of development rights to increase the development potential of the receiving site. All private property

Effective | January 1, 2022

Title 21: Sammamish Development Code | 379

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