Sammamish Unified Development Code

Town Center | Signage

v. Shall not conflict with vehicle travel lanes if blade or hanging signs extend into the street right-of-way as otherwise allowed by the City; and vi. May extend over the sidewalk if they are hanging or blade signs otherwise approved by the City.

commercial node or group of businesses rather than a single business; and

c. For other design standards, see SDC 21.07.060.

L. Design standards for specific sign types

1. Blade and Hanging Signs. Blade signs may be allowed pursuant to SDC 21.07.090H.1. ; provided, that blade signs:

b. Freestanding Signs.

i. May be located on private property with the consent of the private property owner, unless otherwise allowed in this chapter; ii. May be located in the public right-of-way pursuant to SDC 21.07.090H.1. and with the written approval by the City of Sammamish; iii. Located on private property shall be no further than five feet from the street; and iv. Shall not obstruct sight distances as prescribed by SDC 21.08.010, Public Works Standards Adopted, or by SDC 21.07.050T., Sight distance requirements.

a. Shall provide a minimum clearance of eight feet;

b. With horizontally oriented text or graphics shall not project or be located more than five feet from the building facade; c. With vertically oriented text or graphics shall not project more than three feet from the building facade; d. Shall be limited to two square feet of sign area per each 10 lineal feet of applicable building frontage; e. Buildings that contain multiple tenants shall use a similar shape and mounting technique for hanging or blade signs; f. Sign text and graphics may use neon lettering, subject to provisions of SDC 21.07.090K.2.; and further provided, that neon signs shall not be visible from 228th Avenue; and g. May be opaque signs containing internal illumination consistent with SDC 21.07.090K.

4. Sign Standards along 228th Avenue SE.

a. The only signs visible from 228th Avenue SE shall be either monument signs no taller than six feet above grade or wall signs less than 30 square feet or 18 inches multiplied by the length of the front facade measured parallel to 228th Avenue SE (whichever is smaller); b. Except for wall signs on pedestrian-oriented facades built up to the sidewalk, all signs visible from 228th Avenue SE are limited to signs that advertise a

546 | Title 21: Sammamish Development Code

Effective | January 1, 2022

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