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alternative compliance methods if they meet the following requirements. a. The project proponent may propose an off-site alternative, and must demonstrate that any alternative compliance method achieves a result equal to or better than providing affordable housing on site. b. Affordable housing units provided through the alternative compliance method must be based on providing the same type of units as the units in the project which give rise to the requirement. c. Off-site affordable housing units may be provided off site if the location chosen does not lead to undue concentration of affordable housing in any particular area of the Town Center. d. Priority is for the project to be located within the Town Center Plan Area. However, the director may approve a project located outside the Town Center Plan Area if it can demonstrate the location has access to commercial uses, transit, and does not result in an undue concentration of affordable housing.

b. Alternative compliance is not allowed for affordable housing associated with residential bonus units. c. Any single-family development containing between 10 and 14 units may meet their affordable housing requirement through the alternative compliance provisions of this section, so long as their proposal meets all the other provisions of this section. d. Applications for alternative compliance shall be submitted at the time of application, and must be approved prior to issuance of any building permit. The proposal must describe a specific location, type, and amount of affordable housing and how and when it will be developed. Any proposal for providing off-site affordable housing must also address the timing for providing the off-site housing, which, unless otherwise approved by the City, shall be built simultaneously with or prior to the construction of housing for the subject property. For projects approved for off-site affordable housing, there will be a recorded agreement on both the “sending” property and the “receiving” property. The covenant on the sending site will be released once the affordable housing is completed on the receiving property.

2. Alternative Compliance Requirements.

a. The proposal by the project proponent must demonstrate that the affordable units provided off site will be completed before or within the same time period as the development generating the affordable housing requirement, or such other assurances as approved by the director.

E. Implementation provisions

1. Applicability.

These requirements and incentives in this chapter are applicable in the Town Center zones.

Effective | January 1, 2022

Title 21: Sammamish Development Code | 561

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